Monday, April 22, 2013

Good Stuff Cheap

When I was a kid my mom used to drag us, (and I mean drag us) to a discount department store chain around these parts called Building 19. The 11 stores, located in MA, New Hampshire and Rhode Island are housed inside a huge warehouse. The basis of Building 19's business plan is an off priced buyout chain. Department store castoffs, clearance items, and inventory other department stores deem, "dead" or "un-sell-able", soon become a major player in Building 19's sales plan . Dirty, dusty and crappy are the three adjectives that come to me  off the top of my head, and the store's famous slogan is and has always been "Good stuff Cheap". Building 19 always had a sense of humor about their stores, and off color jokes can be found on handwritten on posters on the cement walls.

Needless to say the joint is a junk pile, but one that I remember spending a bit of time in as a kid. My mom loved it! Having 5 kids, the endless rows of books, toys, tools, clothes, and any other kind of junk you can think of appealed to my mom. Plus, when we got there, we would disperse from my mom and traipse all over the place. Looking back now she was brilliant. In those days, you could let your kids run rampant through a department store and she got a much needed break from us with some retail therapy as a bonus.

Yesterday my mom and I went back in time and went to Building 19 together.

It was the same old dirty junk pile that I remember but this time I was a woman with a wallet and a different out look on their junk. My mom and I split up, some things never change, and I ended up getting a few great bargains. Tommy Bahama irregular t-shirts (that hardly looked irregular) were $6.99 ea. I buy those t-shirts for My Guy quite often and they retail for $49.99 and up. I bought six at the discounted price of $6.99 which is less than the retail price of one. I found boxes and boxes of greeting cards. While I had to sift through them, I managed to buy all of my mother's day cards for both mothers, grandmothers and several hilarious random birthday cards for .33 cents each! A real bargain there, because now a days cards are expensive.

I proceeded to find funky, cheap readers for $1.99, (cuz remember I told you I'm blind) and generic name zip lock freezer and sandwich bags for a few dollars. I was quite conscious of price, because when you are shopping for a bargain you want to be able to brag about it, but as I proceeded through the store I found that all their good stuff wasn't so cheap. Or not as cheap as I remember. I'm thinking it may have something to do with the down economy, and that vendors and department stores are unable to take huge losses on overstock like they once used to.

In any case I manged to do my part to support Building 19. I ended up with a several bags full of junk, for a grand total of $55.49. None of it, I really needed, but it afforded me an opportunity to bond with my mom doing something we have always done. Shop till we drop.

Gotta love "good stuff cheap".


MarkD60 said...

I used to buy short pants at a similar discount store. My rule was to get the cheapest pants in my size, no matter what they looked like. I particularly remember these yellow and red and all colors of vertical striped pants that were the ugliest things on the planet.
They were so cool.
It's fun to look through places like that.

Anonymous said...

Just don't buy the generic "Fleshlight"(tm) that thing nearly ripped the root from trunk. Like I say, if you buy fake vagina's, go for the name brand stuff.

Scope said...

While not exactly BLDG 19, we have a Dollar General right next door which is surprisingly helpful to save a few bucks.