Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So Now I'm Really Pissed

OK, now I'm pissed.  Another Twitter virus???

WTF!!! How does this happen?

Does this mean I'm Twitter vulnerable? I got the virus from my daughter's friend. Her Twitter feed sent me a message yesterday that said, "OMG, I'm laughing at these pics of you (followed by a link)". Last year, the same thing happened and I totally fell for it and tried clicking on the link. I must have tried three or four times, then I started to get the messages from my followers that someone had hacked my account. I changed my password and did what I had to and proceeded on. Problem solved.

This time, I knew it was a virus and did not click on the link. I ignored it. Was that my mistake? Then last night, I got another message from my daughter's friend that said, "Someone is saying terrible things about you (followed by a link)".  Even though I didn't click the link this time, my followers still got the virus. WTF??? How annoying. I have since deleted all the messages, changed my password, but I want to know how it got into my account. Now I'm a Twitter hazard, since it's happened twice.

How do I protect against this happening again? I mean, I use my Twitter for business and today one of my favorite clients emailed me and asked me personally if I knew who it was that was saying bad things about her. I immediately explained to her that it was a virus and that I was sorry for the inconvenience, but that can't be good for business.

Any advice? I'm so pissed.


B.E. Earl said...

That's odd. No idea how your account got hacked if you didn't click on the links.

Dr Zibbs said...

I did get the message from you in my Twitter. Two in fact. I didn't click because I got the same thing a moth ago. Plus who would be saying bad things about ME?

the walking man said...

I don't know if you twit from a phone or a PC so I am not sure this would work on a phone but

Download here I really think this is pretty good and it's fast

The free version is absolutely excellent for killing virus and registry infections. A friend turned me onto this about a week ago and damn if my PC didn't run 30% faster and it straightened out a bunch of errors.

I also use MSN fix it for virus and firewall stuff, much better than McAfee and Symantec.

Good luck with it Candace once you have a worm it is a emeffer to kill. By the by have you run your PC check mandated by the FBI yet...if you infected with a certain Malware virus they will kill your computer, by shutting down infected servers in July if you do not kill it by then.

Check for your PCs status here..HERE this is a twenty second check

Slyde said...

Oh my God! I can't believe what these people are saying about you! Click HERE to see!

Scope said...

I know not of the "Twitter" of which you speak.