Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Well, It's About Fricken Time

She finally had the baby.

Well it's about time. I feel like this poor chick has been pregnant forever!!! What's hilarious is that even the celebrities have been worrying about poor Jessica and her baby. Two notables took to Twitter to voice their concerns this week.

  1. Chelsea Handler tweeted: “How has Jessica Simpson still not given birth to this baby? I'm getting frightened.” ...
  2. Has Jessica Simpson had that baby yet?! I'm getting anxious," ..Katy Perry.
Rest assured Hollywood, she has given birth to a baby girl weighing in at 9 lbs 13 ounces. Which means?
Jessica Simpson just lost 10 pounds!

I predict the race will be on now, for the weight loss companies to $nag Jessica as their spokesperson, if she hasn't already signed with one. She may be more famous for her weight loss than anything else, which is sad, really, because I'm not quite sure why she's famous to begin with.

Wasn't she a singer?
Now she's a fashion brand mogul?
Who had a TV show and at one time wore Daisy Duke's on the big screen?
Then she was famous for bad mom jeans?
Then she was famous for being famously pregnant.

I don't envy this recent uphill battle she faces, you know, the one about losing the weight.
But I'm sure she'll do it in record time. 

Celebrities, these days, seem to do things a lot quicker than us Average Joes.


Dr Zibbs said...

I'm sure now the magazines and TV shows will be full of coverage of this kid for the next few years. Sickening.

And she seems like a nice girl but wouldn't be surprised if she's a bad mom because she's such a dummy.

Heff said...

Well, GOD LOVE HER. Now maybe she can slim back down and get back to the ONLY thing she's good at - Being Hot.

MarkD60 said...

Maybe she'll disappear fron the media spotlight now and be a good Mommy.

the walking man said...

Maybe, just maybe her and tom Cruise can get together and try to re-make their careers in a movie directed by Mel Gibson. It could be called "Trailer Trash with Money."

Scope said...

Wasn't she dating Tom Brady?