Friday, May 20, 2011

What Curse?

We are the lucky ones.

An entire Nation of lucky ones who stared in the face of a legendary curse, believed in a bunch of idiots and thumbed our nose at it. It took us 86 years, but we are the lucky ones who will live to tell the story of the Reversed Curse. Today it is the stuff of legends, but there was a time not too long ago when we hung our heads, cloaked in this so called curse.

It was 1918 when The Babe was a member of our team and the last time the Cubs and the Red Sox played a game at Fenway. 93 years ago and the Cubs have yet to win a championship since then. Maybe this weekend the Cubs will take home something more than the thrill of inter league play from Fenway. Maybe the storied grounds of America's most beloved ball park, Fenway, will be the magic Buddha whose belly the Cubs can rub.

I will be a lucky one again, for I will be there to witness it. Then maybe I can tell the grand kids about how Fenway is a magical baseball ground. About how traveling to play on a field 93 years later transformed a team and wiped out another curse.


But maybe not. If I know anything about Fenway, it's that it only has magic for it's own team.

And an entire Nation.


Anonymous said...

It all started with you guys and that damn TEA!!!!

Anonymous said...


B.E. Earl said...

Here's a fun bit of speculation. Many baseball historians know believe that the Cubs threw the
World Series to the Sox in 1918. A year before the Black Sox scandal. No hard facts, but a bunch of the Cubs players were suspected of being crooked at the time.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I like this notion. Maybe this will turn my poor Cubs around but probably not.

Oh, it's been a tough century . . .

Anonymous said...

What the....was that Lightening?!?!?

Scope said...

The Cubs will need far more magic than that. You coming here for the Red Sox @ Wrigley? (Hard fact, it really is AMERICA'S FAVORITE BALLPARK, and I'm a Reds fan.)