Thursday, May 19, 2011

Light Up Your Life

There's a new trend in lip glosses happening that will light up your lips and leave your friends pining for your gloss. Lighted lip glosses. These genius little devices use LED lights that you turn on with the click of a button or the turn of the wand and illuminate your life. Equipt with a handy little mirror on the side, you have all you need for the perfect application on your pucker.

Ladies love them. The novelty of the light is that little extra feature that turns this product into a must have, because it is no ordinary lip gloss. Pure Illumination, pictured above, boasts to be the natural, healing and hydrating lip gloss. Made from medical grade lanolin, almond oil, jojoba and Vitamin E, Pure Illumination has 10 stunning shades to choose from. And who doesn't want to be able to apply their lip gloss expertly in the privacy of a darkened movie theatre? Lost your keys in the black hole of your handbag? Let your lighted lip gloss assist you in finding your keys, then finding the lock in the dark of night.

My clients tell me that when they are at lunch with friends or on a girls night out, they instantly become the center of attention once their lighted lip gloss is brought out and they make for a great hostess gift or a little extra something to bring to a cherished friend.

Model Co. also makes a lighted gloss called Lip Lights. The twist of the wand automatically activates the LED light to give you an ultra shine, glossy application. This lighted lip gloss, also comes with the handy mirror on the side which allows you to apply the gloss anywhere, day or night. It comes in 5 ultra shiny shades to choose from.

Light up your life or the life of a special lady. Both of these products are available at The Candy Bar, and I highly recommend you try one. You'll love it!


Furtheron said...

must try them ^o)

Heff said...

COOL ! I'll buy some for D !

That would look AWESOME smeared on my WANG.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Furtheron-Unisex glosses are all the rage!

Heff-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love you.. you kill me.

sybil law said...

Oooh! I want!!