Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The City That Never Sleeps

Glee hit the big city last night for season two's finale; the big city of New York. Although the Glee club arrived in the city that never sleeps, I have to say that this episode, for me, was a yawn fest.

The episode opened to much Time Square footage, with Rachel, dressed in some sort of Mary Tyler Moore throwback outfit announcing, "I made it!". Interestingly, the kids arrived in New York without their song to perform at Show Choir Nationals. (this would only happen in a Glee made for TV universe) Rest assured, the kids were in lock down in their hotel until they banged out a show stopper.

Mr. Shue snuck out of the hotel to hit the Broadway stage of "CrossRhodes", a show he is slated to join the cast of and live his dream. After a solo performance of "Still Got Tonight" to an empty theatre, an usher approaches Mr. Shue and tells him "he's got what it takes" and evidently this is enough for Will and he ditches his Broadway dreams for his kids. (this would only happen in a Glee made for TV universe)

The kids decide to sneak out and experience New York and let the city write the song for them. (this I believe would happen) We are then treated to a montage of color, and song mash ups of more than I few songs I don't recognize. Were they originals? I think I hear "New York, New York" and some remnants of a few others, but I would have to watch it again to be sure. One thing I know for sure is I'm bored.

Back to writing what will be the most important song of their lives (why wait till the last minute?) in their hotel room. Brittany and Artie belt out a hilarious original song homage to a cup, and we see that Brittany just may be able to sing. The boys advise a "zombie whose trying to poop" Finn that he should ask Rachel out on a date while in New York. He texts her to meet him in Central Park, dressed up, and he takes her to world famous Sardis for dinner. While there, Rachel meets none other than Broadway legend Patty Lupone who tells her to "never give up". In a touching street scene, Puck, Artie, Mike, and Sam serenade the two with, "La Bella Notte", but just before the deal-sealing kiss, Rachel tells Finn she can't kiss him and leaves Finn alone on the street. (not really because the other boys are still there singing)

Kurt wakes Rachel up the next morning and tells her they are going to breakfast at Tiffany's, which consists of bagels and coffee outside the closed flagship store. While there, Rachel confides to Kurt that although she loves Finn, she realizes that she needs to got to New York and fulfil her dreams of stardom and nothing can deter her from that. Kurt takes her to the Gershwin theatre and suggests they break in so that she can make her decision. Once inside they are discovered by a theatre usher who knows exactly why they are there, and he give them 15 minutes onstage. If you haven't already guessed, my Download Pick of the Week is, "For Good", which Rachel and Kurt sing on the actual Wikid stage. I don't think you need to be a Wikid fan to feel the power of this one. Rachel now knows that the stage is her number one love.

On to Nationals! A stellar all girl show choir perform Usher's "Yeah" and we see Sunshine from Vocal Adrenaline have a moment with Rachel in the girls bathroom. Rachel coaches her through her stage fright to make things right after she wronged her when she came to McKinnley. Sunshine and Vocal Adrenaline sing, "As Long As you're There", which was good, but at this point my eye lids were beginning to get a bit heavy.

Just before New Directions were to take the stage, Finn and Rachel have a moment and they open to sing the Glee club's original, "Pretending" which is evidently so powerful, the two end the song with a passionate kiss. They then pump up the tempo with their original, "Light Up The World". If the Glee club, wrote, choreographed and performed that song in one night, then the kids don't need to travel back to Ohio, because they should all be working on Broadway. (this would only happen in a Glee, made for TV universe) It, of course, gets the crowd jumping.

Jesse tells Finn and Rachel that their kiss was unprofessional and that it may cost them the title. Which it does. The New Directions place 12th overall and travel back home.

So they didn't win at Nationals. You had to know that they wouldn't. We need a set up for next year and while I'm on that topic, are they all going to be seniors next year? I know this is the finale of Season Two, but it seems like three years/seasons. Anyway, stay tuned next season for more Santanna, Brittnay love, Rachel and Finn love, Kurt and Blaine and newbies, Mercedes and Sam!! Will Shue and Emma finally get it on?? Or will Shue and Sue?

We will have to wait a summer to find out, but I'm hoping it's worth it.


BamaTrav said...

A city that never sleeps, it appears that at least one of them should never EAT!!!

Heff said...

THANK GOD for these weekly Glee recaps !

Last night I had to Pinch A Loaf so fiercely, I missed the WHOLE DAMN SHOW !

BamaTrav said...

Your boys love you Candy!

BeckEye said...

See what happens when you pick a dork like Finn over a sweet piece like Jesse? You fail.