Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Never Met A Slice Of Pizza I Didn't Love

What is it about pizza that sends me into a complete Pavlovian frenzy whenever I see it?? That delectable, gooey, cheesy, oily, doughy, sensation that pleases the taste buds and produces in me, a most predatory instinct, pizza is my ultimate chioce for comfort food.

And here's the thing: When I see it, I just HAVE to have it.
I could have just finished an entire gourmet Thanksgiving feast, but if there's a fresh cooked pie in the house, bring it on baby...

And I like it thin.
with pepperoni
and grated parmasean cheese
and oregano
and black pepper
and a big glass of iced tea.(I don't drink soda)

I even like crappy pizza. Heck I'll nibble on a oven baked frozen pizza if it's in front of me, even if it's sub-par. It's pizza after all. I love New York style pizza, the kind that the slice is so thin and so big that you could feed and entire family of five with one slice.
Greasy? Hell yes! And I don't blot the slice. That's for amateurs. I just load on the grated cheese and let that sop up all the greasy goodness.

Try as I might, I wish I was capable of experimenting with my pizza toppings. But I cannot. Unless I am sharing a pie with someone else, I gotta have pepperoni. That's all, just pepperoni. I've had chicken, spinach, feta, hamburger, mushroom, pepper, onion, and just about anything else one can imagine. But my heart belongs to the Roni.

So here's a little Daily Dandy ode to Pizza:

Pizza Pie, I love it a lot.
I'll eat it cold, I'll eat it hot.

Both in a train and in a car,
Pizza is the best, by far.

I'll order it North, I'll try it South
and never, ever burn my mouth.

So since I've told you, with pizza how I roll,
I'll thank you much and now shut my pie hole.

*I must be Pre Menstrual, because this is what came out of the creative process today


RW said...

Is it out of line to be jealous of pizza? OK sorry... I'll shut up now....

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I'd kill for a slice of bad pizza right now with some RC or something. I'm trying to kick caffeine. Ugh!

I want a greasy slice of pizza, leaving yellow stains on a paper plate . . .

B.E. Earl said...

There is good pizza and there is bad pizza. But either way if it is in front of me, it's going down!

Scott Oglesby said...

What are the chances of you mailing just one pie to Spain?


Anonymous said...

I've been trying for years to find the perfect delivery style pizza from chain pizza places. I think Papa Johns might be out in front in the running but it's hard because they all LOOK so good but are often disappointing taste wise. My fave pizza was from Two Boots in NYC. When I worked in New York my company would order it in once a month and OMG delicious. But not at all traditional with their crazy flavours and spicy cajun sauce, but oh my. Delicious. Here's the menu for the one that is by my old apartment. YUM!. Might take a sec to load.

Jim said...

There's a place near my parents called "Leo's" (because, of course, really good pizza has to come from a place called that, or Sal's, or something ending in House of Pizza). Theirs is so greasy and cheesy that you have to blot it with paper towels first, or else zits will appear around your mouth and chin almost instantly.


wigsf said...

I just came back from NYC, where there is a pizza place on every street corner. Baffles me why I didn't see any fat people in that city. With all that pizza, how could everybody resist?

My favourite place to order pizza from is an independent place in my hometown. They advertise the approximate weight of their pizza, not just the size and reinforce the boxes. They load up the toppings on their pizza.

I usually order whole wheat crust and get ground beef, grilled chicken, bacon and extra garlic. I call it the Barnyard Massacre. It is the yummiest food ever (other than the donut).

The Dental Maven said...

You sure you never burned your mouth on pizza? I thought that was some kind of right of passage.

Scope said...

Mmmmm... Pizza! But I am fond of my Chicago thin, cut Sicilian style. Love the itty bitty piece. It's certified calorie free.

BeckEye said...

Everyone loves pizza. It's like a martian detector. If someone doesn't like it, we know they're not of this world.

the walking man said...

Right there with you Candace...if the Lipitor can't handle the grease the tough! Chees and pepperoni yes but fresh 'shrooms are way good on it too.

Heff said...

How did I miss this post ? Damn, now I'm hungry.