Thursday, January 14, 2010

Senate Race Rule #1: Spell Check

Just in case the rest country wasn't aware of it, there's a little Senate race going on here in Mass between a man and a woman. The woman's a Dem and the man's a Republican and they just so happened to be fighting for THE Senate seat that once belonged to one of the biggest legends of the Senate, the Liberal Lion, Ted Kennedy. If that doesn't warrant the rest of the country's eye upon them, I don't know what will.

The man, MA State Senator Scott Brown, who's biggest claim to fame is his 15 hundred, way-over-the-time-limit-on-fame, minutes daughter, Alya Brown, a Season 5 reject from American Idol, is running against the woman, MA Attorney General Martha Coakley. And it's getting ugly.

Or I should say it's getting good.

Just a few short weeks ago Scott Brown, a pallid underdog who was points behind the technicolor Coakley in the polls, is just now showing his true colors when it really counts. At the finish line. Before this week, Brown was the clear underdog going up against Coakley and the Democratic machine that is MA. With the election one week away, Coakley turned up the heat with an onslaught of negative media ads and it's strategy backfired. Brown then pulled out his favorite weapon, his daughter, *yawn* who was on the front page of the Boston Herald yesterday, blasting Coakley for playing dirty pool with her Daddy. Coakley tried to play the "woman" card in her negative ads, and it may have given Brown the surge he needed in the polls, for as of today, the race is locked in a dead heat.

Besides the snafu the Coakley campaign made with the strategic error, they also made a HUGE, embarrassing error, which wears like a big spot of Ketchup on Coakley's clean whites. In a last minute attack ad on Scott Brown, the campaign misspelled the state of Massachusetts, as, "MASSACHUSETTES". Which leads some to believe that they smell a bit of panic in the air. So what happens when panic ensues? They bring out the big guns. A Brown win would not bode well for Pres Obama's health care reform push, and the Dems would loose the majority in the Senate. I can just hear Teddy turning over in his grave. So Barry just may have to take a trip to Beantown an smile nice with Martha. I know I just LOVE my TV and radio bombarded with their political ads, 24-7.

Either way, it's going to be a busy weekend for the two candidates. Martha has Barak and Scott has Ayla.

While Coakley is still projected to win, Brown has siezed the opportunity to have his voice on the issues heard. If this race is really about health care, I think maybe Scott/Alya have the advantage.

And maybe Alya's 15 minutes is not quite up yet. Maybe the next song she sings won't be a swan song at all, but a song her dad's victory party.

Maybe not. But I bet Scott and Alya Brown can both spell Massachusetts correctly.


Jim said...

Stop . . . you're making me more homesick than I was while watching Am. Idol the other night.

One of my favorite political slogans from a few years back was "We need a guvanah, nawt a King!!"

Where's James Michael Curley when you really need him . . .


Anonymous said...

I just love local politics. It makes the national elections seem like a playdate in the park. Local elections can be vicious. We just when through a controversial 'racial' election in Atlanta, where the press were pitting voters against each other saying white people only vote white and black people only vote black. I thought we had finally gotten past all that BS.

Scott Oglesby said...

Small town (and Mass. is really just one big small town isn’t it(?) is so much fun. Like a good prime time soap. I admit that I used to watch 90210 and Melrose…..does that make me less of a man? Oh well, I just love good entertainment. Great on-the-scene reporting Candy!!

Rick said...

You forgot to mention Coakley's snafu that Taliban doesn't exist in Afghanistan -- stated whilst 3 US soldiers were killed by them.

Anyway, I'm still undecided.

BTW, thanks for visiting Bandit Talks. I like your blog! And will be back!

the walking man said...

I can't help but think of the MILLIONS of dollars spent in just this race alone as well as the others in the country. what a fucked up set of priorities we have over all.

The Dental Maven said...

Nothing short of entertaining! Can't wait to pop the popcorn on Tuesday night and watch the results roll in!