Wednesday, January 13, 2010

AI Why Can't We Be Friends?

American Idol, I guess you and I could maybe be friends again....Maybe.

Even after last year's travesty with the final results, and after I posted this and said I would never watch you again:

I guess since you came to Bean Town, maybe I should cut you some slack. Maybe.

So out of a genuine curiosity and civic pride, I turned on the TV and watched. And I maybe got hooked again. Maybe.

And of course, the first auditioner had the "wicked Boston accent" that makes me want to jump out of my skin in embarrassment. (no we don't all sound like that) And even though this is NOT a good representation of my fair city, I thought we "represented" quite well last night.

He is, quite funny, obnoxious and sassy!!!


Scott Oglesby said...

I could never figure oud why dey never come dahn ta Pittsbugh an at? Dey could find some good taland at dah Stillers games an have ah couple ah cold Irons!

Joanie M said...

I honestly can't watch American Idol on the audition nights. I have to wait until they have the top 24 or so.

I didn't see AI last season at all, but last night, I watched the finals night and finale from last season. I was surprised that Kris won and not Adam. But who do you hear about and read about? Adam. I thought he was, hands down, the better entertainer.

The Dental Maven said...

Much as I love me some bean town, not gonna watch American Idol. Nope.

BeckEye said...

That kid was weird. Meaning, I would definitely like to hang aht wit him 'n at.

(Yeah, I know what Scott's talkin' 'bout.)

Anonymous said...

AI is definitely a love/hate relationship. You know the producers put through a lot of contestants with no real talent just so we, the audience, have something to laugh at. It's sad, but true. Some of the preliminary rounds I skip when it starts to become a hate fest toward people who shouldn't be there in the first place. It only starts to get interesting in Hollywood.

Jim said...

I was waiting for some sort of language barrier to develop, but no one had that strong an accent, I didn't think.

The big mook from PRAW-v'dince was pretty annoying . . . "yoo need ta try sum a' dis pink sawse, made by my mudda" . . . I was just waiting for him to say "badda-bing" . . . and the mentally-disturbed Clark Kent at the end, who was trying to hit on Kara, was just plain creepy.

Typical audition show, all in all.


Cora said...

That kid made me cringe. Egad!

Scope said...

Mr. Attitude Glasses? If he ever is your waiter, kick him in the nads for me, 'k?

Seriously, with that attitude, you would have thought that there was going to be a hint of something backing it up.


I am now checking in on AI just so that I know what a certain someone will be talking about. :-)

Greg C said...

That guy is such a womanizer. I can tell. I also think he has a crush on Simon. :)

Jeff said...

The best part of American Idol is going to the message boards and reading the fan comments. They're probably mostly under the age of 15, judging by the highly emotional way in which they react to the performances. It's kind of like sports, where people live vicariously through the achievements (or failures) of people they don't even know. I wonder if a show like, say, Iron Chef, has such a board? Hmmm.

Meghan said...

I hate American Idol. But love 'Pants on the Ground'.

the walking man said...

That was painful to watch and I would like my two minutes back please.