Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Crying Game

Men do cry.

They do.

I should know because my EX-ASS cried long and hard to me on the phone yesterday. Truth be told, it was pathetic and uncomfortable. Like the thief who's not at all sorry he stole but so sorry he got caught, the question remains whether or not the crocodile tears are for real or is this just a game? What does it take to make a REAL man cry?
Death? Despair? Loss? A painful break-up? Or in the EX's case, the prospect of jail?

And what does it say about me, if I feel no sympathy for someone who has continuously wronged and hurt both myself and the people I love? I feel mostly pity, and I do feel sorry.
Sorry for my children.

How bad do things have to be in order to reduce yourself to a blabbering fool, in a last ditch effort to manipulate a situation to your advantage? And what if he has cried wolf one too many times and he really is scared? God forbid he does something drastic, would I be the villain for not reading the signs?

No f-ing way.

This is not on my head.

You're man enough to do the crime? Be man enough to do the time.

I feel nothing.
Sorry, I just can't fall for this cancerous charade. Again. Go sell it to someone who's buying. There will be no surprise at the end of this Crying Game.

And for God's sake, quit the blubbering and man up.


Scope said...

Nope. Not your problem. As I recall, he took a short walk down an aisle again recently. He's her problem.

The only problem for you is how this affects Frick and Frack. Why do I have a strong empathy for biological fathers not being the best role models for their kids, but that the mother's fiancée may provide a better role model? Hmmmm...

Jim said...

For me, it's when Harry Bailey toasts his "big brother George . . . the richest man in town."

Gets me every year.

Moments of intense tragedy, too, I think, like the girl in Haiti they showed within the first few days, who could see her brother's feet sticking out in the rubble, but couldn't get to him. I got so choked up telling my daughter about that, I could hardly talk.

And no, your ex's situation does NOT fall in the intense-tragedy category.


wigsf said...

The last time I cried, was not to manipulate a situation. I was at my brother's wedding. My brother was speaking at the podium, thanking everybody. As he thanked me, which was touching, he immediately began speaking about my grandparents. The realization that my grandparents never got to meet my sister-in-law made me cry.

Jules said...

Yet another reason he is the EX, right? Your kids have a smart mom, something they will appreciate more and more with every passing year.

And, in other blog entries, is Brangelina really breaking up?? Ellen and Dennis were hilarious! And I hope business has picked up this week!

The Dental Maven said...

Yup. There's a reason it's called "his problem." Because it's his problem! Always important to stay away from things that are bad for you.

Scott Oglesby said...

A psychologist would have a field day with me. I haven’t cried from physical pain or fear since I was 6. Then between the ages of 20 and 27 I lost both parents and all the rest of the family that I was close to, since they were all my great-aunts and uncles. And by the end of that horrible period I never cried until they were lowering the casket. BUT movies, Especially ‘7 Pounds’ and even when the Steelers won the super bowl produce a flood of tears…..I am a Pisces and extra sensitive after all.

I wouldn’t cry about having to go to jail or prison unless it was that prison in season 3 of Prison Break. I probably would cry though at the knowledge that I wasn’t taking care of my children!

Joanie M said...

He's the ex. You no longer have any responsibility to him. Let him look elsewhere for sympathy ... or bail money.

Heff said...

Moral of the story - DON'T TALK TO EX'S.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

And what does it say about me, if I feel no sympathy for someone who has continuously wronged and hurt both myself and the people I love?


And yeah, in my job, men often seek help ONLY after signficant consequences (Jail/divorce/loss of job).

BUT good for you!! And you are giving him a gift really, let him struggle with whatever consequence he has created for himself.

Because it is through struggle we grow and learn.


Furtheron said...

Not your problem.

Support the kids - that you can do. Again you need them to go through the pain of seeing this happen to their father but then be there for them to formulate their thoughts abouts and come to their own conclusions.

However - I do cry... normally at sad films or stuff... a friend told me on Monday his wife has cancer and it is too late and there isn't very long. I cried - she has been his wife for 40 years and supported him through so much, he has had two brain tumours and other problems and she was always there... now this. Sometimes you just don't think it fair - I think he always assumed he'd be the first to go. I cried.

SkylersDad said...

I cry at everything, my emotions always run very close to the surface. Hell, I cry at Kodak commercials!

None of the Ex's problems are yours, don't buy into that.

BeckEye said...

Jeebus, that picture scared the shit out of me.

And your ex-ass sounds like he's aptly nicknamed.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I would have absolutely no remorse in not feeling a thing for someone who is blubbering a crying over dealing with the results of their own actions.

You're not wrong at all.

As for what makes me blubber? The ending to Hoosiers.

Anonymous said... I'm confused. I thought they only cried when their team won or lost? It's also the only time they find it acceptable to touch each other's bottoms and claim they're not gay.

Soda and Candy said...

Oh yeah, the one and only time I saw my douchey ex cry was when he was trying to win me back. The trouble was, he had previously told me a story about using crocodile tears to get out of a debt he owed to his older sister, so it didn't even work.

But even if your Ex-Ass' tears are real? Not your problem. Your problem is looking after the kids.

Anonymous said...

I was cheated on years ago by an ex and they begged and pleaded for me to come back to them. Needless to say I expeditiously dismissed them and didn't feel one iota of sadness for them.


(And my sister called me last night to tell me she caught her husband and another woman having an affair! You're timing on this post is perfect. I'm sure my sister is still processing it all, but I'm ALREADY planning revenge on her behalf.)

The Peach Tart said...

That's the way to tell the sorry ass.

AZ said...

Once upon a time long long ago, my husband (now my ex-ass) came stumbling home smelling of sweat and cheap perfume. I asked him where he'd been, and I got a face full of slurred "I've been down at the Southern Lady where all my friends are, the people who really care about me are at the Southern Lady." Months later the phone rings it's hubby, calling from jail, he wants me to leave my warm bed, get dressed, drive down to jail and bail him out. I tell him, I'll do what I can. So I called down to the Southern Lady, and informed the person who answered the phone that their beloved friend is in jail and they need to pass the hat so he can make bail. They said "who?" I went back to bed. He stayed in jail.

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

Ugh. What a bell end. It's totally not your problem so why's he calling you? Blimey! Sorry you have to deal with that.

the walking man said...

Haven't cried in decades and refuse to let something I ignorantly did out of stupidity cause me to start now.

I do know this though, I have much more sympathy for a woman trying to hold her tears in than some guy who can't, except in extraordinary circumstances; like his favorite fishing pole got tugged out of his hands and is gone to the river.

Elle said...

I'm new to your blog (only discovered it this afternoon). But if he's your ex, surely that's his problem and not yours? I hope everything works out well for you.