Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Mothers Love

Frack spent the weekend skiing in New Hampshire with the family of his friend and had a great time. They rolled in from the trip at 5 pm last night and Frack called me at the store the second he walked into the empty house.

"Mom, where are you?" he barked.(because he had the day off from school he automatically thinks that it's Sunday)
"I'm at work, buddy. You home?" I said.
"Yeah, I'm home but I am sooo sick mom." he said.

Now, any mother will tell you that the simple utterance of these three words, "I'm so sick" automatically sends shock waves down her spine.

"What's the matter?"I shriek.
"I've got the chills, I'm sweating and I feel really weak, mom."
"I'll be right there," I said, immediately dismissing the dinner plans I had with my friends.

I hardly remember closing up shop, as I was outta there in about a nano second and on my way to the 5 minute ride home, in the blazing snow. I arrived home to find my son's wet winter ski coat and wet hoodie sweatshirt in a ball on the mud room floor. No wonder, I thought. I raced upstairs. The tell tale image of my son fully clothed and in his bed was enough to tell me this was no false alarm.

"Hey buddy", I said a I placed my palm on his blazing hot forehead.
"Ok, let's get you outta these clothes and into your pajamas."

After we got him into his clean, dry, warm pajamas and under the covers, I went to retrieve the medical supplies. A quick temp check revealed a 100 degree temp, which I promptly treated with a dose of Advil and a shot of orange juice. I then laid next to my son and I watched the chill escape his body. I watched him relax and drift off into a peaceful, much needed slumber as his breathing regulated into a peaceful calm. I left him to sleep, safe in the knowledge that at least for now, my boy was alright.

About two hours later I was delighted to hear my child's voice beckoning me from his room.
I had checked on him during those two hours, placing my hand on his clammy forehead to check his temp, this time his fever was gone.

He then uttered the greatest words a sick child could say to a mother, "Mom, I'm hungry."
I happily went to fix my son some sustennance, for that was all he needed.

That and a hearty serving of a mother's love.


Jim said...

Good job, mom.

Ya know . . . [cough] . . . I may be coming down with something, too . . . [cough] . . .



Travel & Dive Girl said...

Ahhh - a mother's love heals all...each and every time.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Great. now i'm getting all misty eyed at my office. :)

glad he feels better :)

Scott Oglesby said...

Such a sweet story from such a sweet mom! Can you come over to Spain to care for me until I heal…. You can bring your son and everything. Don’t worry, I act exactly the same as a small child.

Anonymous said...

omg the best meds in the world....

mothers love

I honor you good mother

SkylersDad said...

Nothing like a mother to make a kid feel better!

RW said...

Jim stole my gag dammit.

Cora said...

Been there. :-)