Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Plastic and Play

The winner is....
US! My Guy nailed it. It was West Palm Beach and it was spectacular! We arrived at the Eau Palm Beach Resort. It was gorgeous.The posh hotel and spa, the Eau was the subject of the second clue:
Which was very funny...because my friend thought "Eau" meant "ewww", but we later learned that it relates to water. So this clue was out of left field.
Anyway.. we arrived at the fantastic resort that was once The Ritz Carlton and we were ushered into the seaside bar for cocktails and a spectacular view of the ocean. It was then on to dinner and the service at the restaurant couldn't have been better. While we were there, we noticed that a lot of the women walking about had a similar "look". Nobody said anything, but I kept thinking that I had "seen that lady before wearing something completely different".

Next day after a leisurely day at the pool and a luxurious mani/pedi, we were off to Worth Avenue for some shopping.

Worth Avenue is an upscale shopping district in Palm Beach. voted one of the 3 Most Iconic destinations in the world, I call Worth Avenue the "rodeo drive" of the East Coast. Rod Stewart walked right by us and I issued a "Hey Rod", to which he replied, "oh hello", in his adorable little accent. After some retail therapy, we had dinner in one of Worth Avenue's little alley restaurants in outside dining. It was then that we really saw the women of Palm Beach. And we realized that they all look alike because they must all have the same plastic surgeon...
They looked like Stepford wives clones. Each one older than the next, but the same face, tight and completely lifted. You could tell by their exposed arms that they were older, but they all looked forever young. And the diamonds....we joked that after casing the joint, we could finance quite a few trips around the world with those rocks.Then there were the rugs, and I don't mean the ones that you step on. The men had to keep up with the women and they had the hair they bought to prove it. Needless to say we had a blast, the entertainment, the food and fun seemed endless.

Next day it was on to Delray beach. A bit of a change from Worth Ave, and a bit more real, the shopping and dinner was a bit more casual. We then stopped for music and drinks at an outdoor cafe with live music. It seemed like it belonged more in Key West, and there was a certain "biker element" in attendance, but strangely we were much more comfortable here than the previous night.

The last day was a relaxing Sunday by the pool, time spent at the spa getting a Champagne Body Scrub that was the most incredible feeling, I can hardly describe it. Then it was on to the world famous Breakers Hotel for dinner. It was the greatest way to cap the trip off, and we thoroughly enjoyed hob-nobbing with the elite of Palm Beach.

The whole trip was a joyous celebration of fun, friends and excess, in just the right amount. I have to admit to needing a wee bit of rehab...and detox, but it was well worth it. And next year, it's our turn to plan the trip.

Any suggestions bloggers?


Lucia said...

Glad I guessed it too. Sounds like you had a great time.

the walking man said...

Chilliwak British Columbia or Moose Factory Ontario both are fine tourist destinations with grand shopping and luxury accommodations.

MarkD60 said...

Sounds like you had a great time!!

Melaka said...

Ooooh! I had my first body scrub in Tuscon Arizona and it was fabulous and amazing. My husband had one too and was very impressed. Places to go...

Hilton Head (of course one week before the Masters might be crazy)
Mayan Riveria (Imperial Valentin)
Nassau, Bahamas (The One& Only Ocean Club)

Color me jealous! Melaka