Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stranded at The Drive In....

I'm just *ahem* old enough to remember the drive-in movies. My parents would load up the station wagon with all 5 of us kids and drive out to Braintree, MA to take in a movie together at the local drive-in movie complex. We would get in our pajamas and bring blankets and pillows to bed down in the way back to enjoy the experience. I can still see my dad hooking the speaker on the car window so we could hear the all important audio. If my memory serves me correct, my older brother and sisters used to sit on top of the station wagon, pillows and all.

A recent resurgence of drive-in movie complexes in New England brought back all those happy memories. According to the Boston Herald, 350 drive-in movie complexes are still in operation around the country, but like any business, they face their share of unique challenges. Inclement weather and less family friendly movie choices top that list, but the food choices are better and thanks to FM signal, the audio is broadcast right through your car radio.

New England boast four theaters: Mass has Mendon Twin, Leicester Triple and Wellfleet Drive-In and Rhode Island has Rustic Tri Vue, with two already open for business today. Prices range, but for roughly $25.00 a carload of people can experience a movie together in the great outdoors or from the comfort of their vehicle. And make a lot of fun memories too.

I, for one, think the drive-in movies should be salvaged for old time sake. To me, the drive in is as American as apple pie and baseball and that's sacred. Although no one would want to be "stranded at the drive-in" like Danny Zuko sings, no one would "brand you a fool" for enjoying an age old summer past time.


Kara Keenan said...

I also remember going to the Braintree drive-in! The last movie I remember seeing there was Return of the Jedi.

I currently live in Arizona, and there's a drive-in just up the road from where I live. I take my kids at least once a month. It's cheap ($6.50 per adult, $1 per kid). All movies are double or triple headers. And, we bring in our own pizza. I love the drive-in.

MarkD60 said...

Do they still have the playground in the front?

mary i said...

My hands are raised!! I love the drive in.Bring them back please.

Scope said...

I remember going to the drive-in in my youth. The only specific movie I remember seeing was "The Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes" with Kurt Russell.

And then they opened a second theater in town. The drive-in went porn. I think. I was 8 or 9, so I didn't know what "porn" was, I just know my parents drove by REALLY FAST.

The place now sells all weather outdoor basketball courts.

But a new drive in opened in a small town near where I grew up, so that doesn't suck.

the walking man said...

We have a drive in that has been in continuous operation for at least 50-70 years. Ford Drive In

I remember the last time I went I too had my pajamas om and a pillow and blanket with me. My date saw that shit and wouldn't get in the car. What? It was a triple feature of horror flicks.

Scope said...

And now you've sent a Weird Al lyric in my head:

I'm stranded all alone at the gas station of love / And I have to use the self service pumps!

Kenneth Noisewater said...

I've never done it. Gotta make sure my windshield is clean.