Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Swiffer, Are You Listening?

As my good friend The Walking Man can attest, The Candy Bar, is an all white, light and bright retail beauty destination. It has been compared to heaven on more than one occasion so we have since taken to calling it "Beauty Heaven".

see what I mean?

So I'm watching TV and I see that cute little couple who do the commercials for the Swiffer products, Lee and Morty Kaufman. They are so adorable that you can't help but remember the line,"Morty, are you listening?" They even do a cute little dance on the kitchen floor after they have effortlessly cleaned their floors with the Swiffer products.

Everyday when we close The Candy Bar, we vacuum then mop our floors with the Swiffer Wet Jet. Every day..The Wet Jet is by far, the best cleaning tool we have at our disposal to keep The Candy Bar, " Beauty Heaven White" I always say we would be one heck of a Swiffer commercial. The store, being all white top to bottom, shows every little dirt deposit and smudge from a mile away and the Swiffer Wet Jet is our best defense.

Like the adorable little couple, we marvel with the ease that the Wet Jet allows for us to clean and shine the floor. The Swiffer Dusters with the extendable handles make dusting the shelving a snap and when we receive compliments on how clean our store is we smile a little bit on the inside knowing that the Swiffer products help us at The Candy Bar look our best every day.

Swiffer, are you listening?

Because right now we are doing a little dance around our bight and shiny white floors, just like Lee and Morty.


MarkD60 said...

My wife has one and loves it. I think it is a silly toy. I have my very own Navy swab and a bucket.

Anonymous said...

I swear by swiffer products. It's ability to pick up dust is amazing! I am dancing with you here...

the walking man said...

So that explains why my black vest and dark heart got those looks from all your customers eh?

the walking man said...

...and yes it is dazzlingly, brilliantly white in there to go along with the feminine sales staff and family of one of the same i had the good fortune to meet as well.