Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Take Your Syringe And Go Home

So while I was in New York City this weekend, (sorry about missing blogging) all the talk was about The Roid Man. New York Yankees big third baseman, who is an even bigger problem, was handed a big suspension by MLB yesterday for failing mandatory drug tests. Rodriguez was suspended from baseball along with 12 other major and minor leaguers for testing positive for PED's and for their ties to Biogenesis of America, an anti-aging clinic in Florida a proven distributor of steroids to athletes. 

There is no question that in this day and age of professional sports, pro athletes abuse PED's to get ahead. The news papers are littered with stories about the down fall of sports heros everyday. So the question remains, is he a moron???

Did he not learn anything from former teammate Roger Clemens rediculous denial of proven PED use or the media circus that followed that debacle. The taint that follows the once invincible "Rocket Man" most definitely enters the room before Clemens does. And no matter how hard he tries, he will forever be dubbed a cheater. He can't shake it and he never will. 

So if A-Rod is indeed the moron we know he is, and he didn't get it with them, he's stil got McGuire, Sousa, Manny Ramirez and countless others all going down in history with and asterisk next to their name. The black mark of the MLB, an asterisk. Maybe the Roid man believes he is in good company. 

He was quoted last night as saying, "if I don't fight for my career, no one else will." 

Yes Alex, because there was NO ONE, not one in New York that was willing to defend you. The general consensus was, "take your lies and get lost." 

True blue Red Sox fan or not, I have to agree.


MarkD60 said...

You gotta hand it to these guys who do drugs and still do sports. I can't even walk or talk when I'm on drugs.

Chris said...

Shoot, I'm a lifelong YANKEE fan and I just want the guy to go away. HGH-Rod, you might say. But to check your facts, Candy, I don't think A-Fraud ever actually failed a drug test. Lots of other evidence, but not that.

The thing with steroids, and I'm in no way condoning it, is that I almost understand why fringe players would juice up to have a shot at the big leagues and the big bucks. But when you're A-Roid, Bonds, McGwire -- guys who were going to be great anyway -- and then you start cheating? It's like finding out that Bill Gates got arrested for robbing $400 from a 7-Eleven. You have to ask, "WHY?"

Yeah, I suppose "moron" pretty much covers it.

Scope said...

In this day and age, how can they NOT know that they will be caught?

And how can he not get a life time? I think until some big names get the big life time ban, people will still risk it.

Maybe they should form the "All-Juice" League with no substance bans what-so-ever.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I stand corrected, Rodriguez didnt fail a drug test....this time.

the walking man said...

I am so glad i can perform without drugs. These guys needed to take a shot to be asses. But not me!