Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Was Just Thinking....Test your Legalese

With the Whitey Bulger trial coming to a close, today it was reported that the Bulger defense team submitted several photos of the gangster throughout his life in Boston. The question everyone wants answered is this:

Will Bulger take the stand?

In a trial that sizzled at times and fizzled at times, the highlight being an f-bomb laden exchange between his two former crime partners from the defense table, I have to ask what's really at stake here? We know the guy is corrupt and dangerous. We also know that he's NEVER going to get out of jail; so why take the stand? Why now? Insiders say he's fighting for his reputation.? He's fighting for a reputation that he's a gangster with morals who wouldn't kill a woman and that he was never a rat. That John Connelly tampered with informat files to make it look that way. It seems a moot point.

I pose this question to you:

With today's submission of photos, do you think the Bulger defense is preparing for Whitey to take the stand? If so, what is their strategy?

If you were the defense what would be your strategy at this point?


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the walking man said...

He needs to maintain his thug boss reputation in prison because if they do not keep him in solitary for the rest of his life , he will get shanked or at least beat...again and again. It doesn't matter if he was an FBI informant or not, the cons will believe he was and after a pedophile snitches are the lowest of the low.

And inhis case who will he have to back him up in prison?

No he will not take the stand because there he will either have to take the fifth or tell about things the Justice Department would rather not have told about. There's always more to the story than what the media reports.

My bet is they cut a deal with him for a medium or light security prison.