Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Egg On Your Face

European women have been doing it for years.
We just marvel at their clear, poreless skin. I've found their secret and it's so simple.

Pure protein egg whites.

Egg whites apllied to the face as a facial have the power to firm loose and sagging facial skin on the face and neck and draw out impurities. Kala Farms Egg White Facial Soap, from Belgium is a European beauty staple. This gentle facial soap cleanses away impurities, soothes and firms the skin in a daily wash that leaves skin flawless.

This multi-tasking product can be used two ways:

  1. As a gentle, daily facial wash that rinses away impurities that leaves skin glowing.
  2. As a egg white facial. Lather up this rich bar and leave on face for 5-8 minutes. 
It's really that simple. 
A popular product at The Candy Bar, Belgium Egg White Soap is a favorite of my clients who report to love the scent and the way it leaves thier skin after washing. At $10.00 a bar, it's a natural, cost effective way to anti-age and a secret you'll want to share with your friends. 

Or maybe you won't want to share. It's that good, pure and gentle.
Whatever you decide, your secret is safe with me. 


Cora said...

I've never heard of that. Somehow I would have thought egg whites would dry the skin out, but what do I know?

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Good observation Cora! Because egg whites firm loose skin and tighten pores, it's easy to confuse that sensation with dryness. On the contrary, it's actually making your skin look firmer and youthful!

the walking man said...

Uhh yes I will absolutely tell all of my friends to bikini up and get into an egg white fight. What do you think? Would a gross would be enough? And yes of course I do know how to separate the yoke from the pun.