Monday, August 12, 2013

He's Bringing Sexy Back

So I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the Justin Timberlake/Jay-Z concert at Fenway park last night. It's Frick's birthday and we went with a couple of friend of hers and a couple of friends of mine. It was SPECTACULAR! I was very impressed with both artists and the music was great. 

While there I noticed a few things I thought interesting:

The crowd was eclectic! Lots of women and men in my age demo and lots of people in Frick's demo.
There were plenty of couples, which was interesting, to say the least. I would have thought it would have been more of a "chicks" thing, dripping with young women. Not the case at all.

Sexy was in the air. Beside the great show, we had an interesting show going on right in front of us. Three young, handsome guys and two girls in the row in front of us. You couldn't help but notice that they were feeling sexy. Very sexy. There was a lot of bumping and grinding going on and a lot of "tonsil hockey" and swapping of partners. So here we are trying to enjoy the concert, but the show in front of us was unavoidable. Being much older than the people in front of us, I tried to focus my attention on the stage but Frick and her friends were mesmerized by the side show. They were horrified and kept commenting on the logistics of what was taking place in the row before us. I guess I'm lucky I raised her right, and after the show the girls involved beat a hasty retreat. It was then that we asked the boys if they had decided which one of the two they would take home? "No matter," the boys replied. "We have a deal. Whoever scores tonight will no doubt share the wealth with all of us." What the hell? 
Ok and yes he really did say that. I'm just grateful it wasn't Frick and her friends in that row.

Justin and Jay-Z put on a killer show and Justin played at least three instruments during his sets.I had no idea that the former Boy Bander was so talented. While Justin danced and sang, Jay-Z came out and rapped during his set, but he seem tired. Kind of like I was tired at that point. Then we googled his age and I immediately knew why. Jay-Z is in my age demo. Hell yes he's tired! We're old...compared to the others. 

All in, it was a great night and something I truly enjoyed doing with my daughter. They superstars commented that this was the best crowd of the entire tour, which made the place erupt! 

But, I bet they say that in all the city's they travel to. 


Scope said...

Wait, stop the presses. Young lads are cads? Having been a one myself, I find this shocking.

(And sad that opportunities like this never arose for me at that age.) :-)

Furtheron said...

Ditto what Scope said... ;-)