Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Kohl Truth

Sorry about yesterday Bloggers! I left for NYC on Sunday for a buying trip and got back late last night.

Being in the city energizes my business sense and gives me lots of mojo to move forward with plans. I love the buzz of the industry. Being around vendors, craftsman and industry sales people is invigorating and optimistic for a business owner like myself. I met a woman there who forecasts industry trends and we talked a bit about keeping up with the curve in fashion. That whole idea of a "think tank" is soo interesting to me. What if they are wrong? Do they get fired? The fashion and beauty world is so fickle. Things can change in an instant.

The best thing about the trip was that Frick came with me! I LOVED showing her every little aspect of the business and she mopped it up like a Bounty paper towel on a kitchen counter. ( I told her that when I write my book, she will HAVE to star in the movie. Who else could it be??) So the plan was to stay at my best friend's apartment Sunday night and come home Monday. Frick (who is on Winter break until Jan26th) had to stop by her dorm on third to pick up something and while we were there the security guard asked us if we were, "spending the night?"

"We can do that?" I asked.
"You paid for it, didn't you?" her said.
"Yes, I did," I responded.
"You can do that anytime. Lots of parents do. The student just has to sign you in overnight."

So guess what we did?

We stayed overnight in her dorm! It was just her and I and it was a blast!! I would have never done it if school was in session and her roommates were there, but seeing as it was just me and Frick? Hell yes!

We were exhausted from a long day on Sunday, so we had dinner nearby and came back and watched the best, female bonding movie ever made. Bridesmaids.

This has to be our favorite scene:
This is Annie after a roofie, and you may want to keep the volume down a bit if you are at WORK. Kristen Wiig, you are a genius!!!


MarkD60 said...

I stayed in my brothers dorm room once when he was in college. They're all a bunch of part animals.
I enjoyed the 'scene'.
ednewedi 333

the walking man said...

I never got to stay in a college dorm room...when Frick comes home for the holiday can I use her room and make my own trip to the city.

You know Candace I apologize because I am a dumbass, my son works in CT and his company does major work for major business' in both Boston and NYC fabricating & installing stone counter tops and whatever. I should have told you while you were redoing the Candy Bar because I am certain he could have gotten you what you wanted at a good price. sorry.

Scope said...

Glad you got to hang with Frick in the dorm. That had to be an awesome bonding time, and a good enough reason to miss a blog post.