Friday, January 18, 2013

Athletes, Football, The AFC and Faith

On this day of football,
we look upon ourselves,
Think of those whom we love,
and know by which we play for.

God grant us victory,
As we come to battle...
We fight to win.

I watched the Oprah Interview with Lance Armstrong late into the night last night and I came away with an uneasy feeling. The man appeared uncomfortable, smug at times, remorseful at times, incredulous and groveling. I'm not sure what to think. I do know firsthand, that liars believe their own lies. The lies become truths to them and that's how they get away with it. Not for long because Karma is a fierce mistress and she will make you pay.

I did find him to be quite physically appealing, and I'm not talking about attraction or sexual desire (I will save all of that for the man pictured above) I'm talking about his physicality. Lance is the epitome of an athletic specimen, chemically enhanced or not and I couldn't help but be distracted by his chiseled facial structure, and his defined cheekbones. (I just want to highlight and contour that face)

The point is, it's easy to see how he used his physicality and his cunning to get those around him to drink the Lance Kool-Aid. And they did, and now that the jig is up, they are all coming clean. Lance had that invincible "athlete" mentality that Tiger Woods and Roger Clemens so famously choked on too. He then got greedy and says that none of this would have happened if he had not decided on the come back. An intriguing interview at best and the greatest infomercial ever invented for the OWN Network.

Which brings me to football.

I'm not feeling any swagger, making any predictions or talking any trash. I'm grateful to the man above, (My Tommy) for the luxury of  being able to keep watching Patriots football in mid January. I have faith in my team and I have enjoyed every second of this pro football in the NFL at Foxboro's Gillette Stadium ride. I pray that Tommy never has to sit down with Oprah for anything other than to discuss his Hall of Fame NFL career.

Let's just take it one game at a time.  Good Luck. Go Pats!


MarkD60 said...

Lance Armstrong? is he the biker dude on drugs? Don't care.

Heff said...

Lance Armstrong's a cocky M.F.'er that deserves whatever's coming to him. Nobody gets props from Heff for coming clean after they've been stone cold BUSTED.

Anonymous said...

I won't go into Lance Armstrong. It just takes too much of my Energy.

But now the Pats! That is a whole different story. I am crossing my fingers that they do win...and that Ray Lewis has an off day....Go PATS!

Scope said...

The Ravens or the Patriots?

Can the game end like it did in that Batman movie? :-)

And does this tarnish Sheryl Crow's rep any?

Kenneth Noisewater said...

I like Brady to win another Super Bowl. He is way prettier than Lance and a better guy, it seems.