Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cinnamon Says...

Listen honey:

  •  “I also didn’t get the acting nomination. I noticed no one was saying I was snubbed there!” Ben Affleck said after the press asked him how he felt about the Best Director Oscar snub.  I love that! Sexy Bostonian.

  • Watched "Seal Team Six" last night. Interesting, powerful and somewhat hard to believe? Two of the actors are from TV shows that I used to watch, and I found that to be distracting. I am embarrassed to admit that missed the most important part! I fell asleep before they executed mission. I'm just an old bag. Good thing it's a two-day rental. I'm going to watch the last 25 mins tonite.

  • Oprah talked to Lance...Did she make him cry? I'm especially intrigued. Although I think Babs (Barbara Walters) would have been a better interview.

  • What you say? Facebook is expected to make a big announcement today. I'm waiting with bated breath. Even still, I sold my stock yesterday...Is it a smart phone? A search engine? Will it be revolutionary  Life changing? Industry transforming? Should I buy again? 

  • Going to my second straight AFC Championship game on Sunday in Foxboro and I'm cautiously optimistic. Just sayin..

  • Pannini's for dinner tonite!! Aren't I a fun mom? I got a Pannini maker from Santa and I'm using it tonite. Minestrone soup too!


B.E. Earl said...

Was that Seal Team Six a made-for-TV film? Never heard of it.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Yes. Earlsie. It's on the on demand menu under digital premier.

Heff said...

Facebook's big announcement is that they're FINALLY changing the name to "Assbook" as it SHOULD have been in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Just don't let your husband put his wee wee in the panini thingy or pee pee wedgie thing.

Cora said...

You had me at panini.