Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Mashup

  • Yooouuuuuukkkk! We are going to miss you buddy. Always good for a big hit, the consummate Red Sox, your funky stance in the batters box was legendary. Thanks for the memories and the two World Championships you helped us get. You will always be welcome here. I don't believe any of the crap they are dishing out. When they say it's not personal, it's business, don't believe them. Valentine didn't like you. Salute to the skipper! Love you dude, Godspeed in Chicago. 

  • Obama is in my hometown today! He is digging up cash for his campaign from the Richie Rich's that live in this town. Holy blue state! No check writing Democrat wants to forget that Gore lost New Hampshire in 2000. Obama's peeps are taking note and leaving no electoral vote stone unturned. If you've got $18,000.00 you too, can sit with Barry and Michelle for dinner. Any takers?

  • Clint Eastwood's 18 year-old daughter is having sex with her boyfriend. Thank you Mrs. Eastwood and Company. I'm sure her father is thrilled that now the entire E watching world knows that.

  • One week down in Uganda, and I haven't heard a word from Frack. They told us that no news is good news. I guess.

  • Did Dr Oz just jump shark?And if he did I'm pissed about it. He has teamed up with Montel Williams to endorse these weight loss supplements and when I saw Montel on his show, Dr. Oz immediately lost credibility. So Montel is in great shape and he has written a few diet and exercise books, but isn't he the same guy who can get you a short term, cash advanced loan? Why should I believe him now just because Dr. Oz says so? I'm not buying it and Dr Oz just fell off the"his word is law" pedestal.


Heff said...

"Ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?"

the walking man said...

Just go here and write the dude a check because i am not writing anyone any checks this cycle. let the corporate boys pay for it all.

Where do you come up with these shows? Mrs. Eastwood? I thought he was married to Sandra Bullock or was that some other bad ass?

MarkD60 said...

Well, I like mashed potatoes. I thought you were in a car wreck when I read the title.
I don't think anyone is running for the US presidency this year.