Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm Gonna Need Some Serious A** Kissing, A Friday Rant

Dear You Don't Get It,

Kiss my ass. Really, because you just don't get it. You think you are the only one out there who has what I need? Well, you aren't. There are LOTS of other places out there to find what I need. So again, kiss my FAT ass! 

I'm done with you and your games.

I can't understand your logic. You will loose on this one, like you lost on the last one. Remember, YOU LOST. Didn't you learn from that? I gave you legit credibility and you turned your nose up at it so kiss my ass. 

Look, I didn't just fall off the turnip truck. I know you are playing hardball, and I expected as much. But this? You are going to loose again because now you are being unreasonable. Good luck babe, you aren't the only game in town. See, that's me up there with my ass waving goodbye as I walk away. See it? Kiss it! Kiss my fat ass.

I hope you realize that this is a down economy in an election year and your little game isn't going to gain any friends. In fact, I know you are loosing friends. That much is certain or you wouldn't have needed me in the first place. You know I'm right. Get your head out of your ass and onto my ass and start kissing it, cuz that's what we need to get the deal done.

Smarten up because the clock is ticking. Grab my ass now before someone else starts kissing it.

Don't say I didn't give you a shot. My ass is waiting.



the walking man said...

Uhhh it really doesn't get more direct than that! I am hoping that because I am certainly not running office or begging you for money or support that this was not directed to any of your fans Candace.

But if it was to a politician, with one eception, the Senator from Vermont thay all can kiss my as right now and mine is bigger than yours.

Heff said...

"You talkin' ta me ??? You talkin' ta me ???"

Look honey - NEVER tell a guy to kiss your ass that's in a band named "Butlik".

I'm a professional - I'll do it right !

sybil law said...

Is that ass even real?!

Scope said...

My comment to "Kiss my @$$" is always, "Grin and bare it!" :-)

But I hope that if you don't get your butt kissed, someone else will get theirs kicked.

Anonymous said...

I was here yesterday with an extremely witty comment, but I had technical difficulties and now I can't remember it.

Slyde said...

ok, you win. i'm sorry for whatever the hell i did.