Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tony And Maria's First Time

Do you remember your first time? I do and I think that would make for a great blog post at another time. This blog post is about Glee's episode last night entitled "The First Time". McKinnley High's Glee clubbers, Rachel and Blaine are starring in the school's production of, "West Side Story". While rehearsing, Artie notes that the two leads lack a certain passion that comes with having experienced the "most basic primal experience", sex. He questions that without having had sex, could they convince an audience of their connection on stage.Rachel being Rachel, decides this form of character study is worth pursuing. Blaine, decides that he and Kurt should not rush to have sex and that they should both be ready when it happens.

As a viewer, I'm watching all of this with great anticipation but as a parent of two high school students, I'm thinking and wondering if my children are having these conversations also. I know I thought about these things, talked about these things, and experimented with these things in high school. Why wouldn't they? And now here it is, played out by their peers on TV. This episode, for me now takes on a whole new meaning and will be a catalyst for an open conversation with my kids. Thanks Glee.

Blaine returns to Dalton Academy in time to find my Download Pick Of The Week, Billy Joel's, "Uptown Girl" by his old group the Warblers. They embrace him with open arms and beg for his return and Blaine meets Sebastian, the new Warbler hottie. Sebastian is not shy and he openly flirts with Blaine, telling him he now believes the hype about Blaine's legend at Dalton. This is played out accompanied to a TV mash up of sorts, with Rachel and Santana performing, "A Boy Like That" from West Side Story. Sebastian asks to see Blaine again. They meet for coffee and Kurt comes in surprised to see his guy talking to Sebastian. Blaine invites him into the conversation and Sebastian offers up some fake ID's and an invitation to do some underage drinking at the gay club on the other side of town. Kurt, seemingly a bit jealous, accepts Sebastian's offer. Apparently Burt taught him that you keep your friends close and your enemy's closer.

Rachel and Finn decide to use Finn's house for their first time destination, seeing that Burt and Carol are campaigning around the district for Burt. When things start getting heated, Finn stops to question why Rachel decided that now is their time? Why is she offering herself to him now? After a mumbo jumbo of excuses, Rachel blurts out that she needs to "get it over with" before opening night and Finn puts the brakes on that pronto. He's not interested in competeing with her ambition for a little something something...

Rachel then holds an emergency meeting of the Celibacy Club and asks the girls for their opinion. Quinn tells her to wait. That obviously (Beth) unprotected sex can have extreme consequences, and that it changes everything. Santana tells her that she should wait because Finn is terrible in bed and Tina gives us a look into what the teenaged "First Time" experience should be when two people are consenting and in love and want to make it special and memorable. She makes it sound so wonderful that I am almost swept away by the touching and poignant way she described her "absolutely perfect" experience. I said almost because the mother in me jumps out and reminds me that the girl and her moving story has a direct effect on my very own kids. I'm so having that conversation with them. Thanks again Glee. Rachel is clearly swayed by Tina's story.

Kurt and Blaine have their own near-sex experience, when they meet Sebastian at the gay bar and Blaine gets a little tipsy; er, um, I mean drunk. He accosts Kurt in the parking lot and tells him he wants to do it right there in the parking lot, in the back seat of the car. Kurt is not amused and being sober he finds nothing sexy about this offer of Blaine's affections. They fight and Blaine then walks home form the bar leaving Kurt alone with his thoughts.

On a story line side note, Coach Bieste has the hots for Cooter Mankins, the college scout who's coming to look at her team. Finn gets excited at the prospect of possibly playing college ball, and Artie plays matchmaker for Bieste and the Cooter successfully. Sadly it is not all happily ever after for everyone. Bieste gets her man, but Finn is passed over and is heartbroken that his life will at best be average. Rachel then tells Finn that he is special and she proves it to him by giving him something that "no one will ever get again", her virginity. Simultaneously, Blaine and Kurt also cross over into their first time experience.

While I thought the story line was handled with truth and candor, I couldn't keep the mother in me from rearing her head. Arguably, the first teen, gay couple to have sex on TV was handled with care and compassion, and ditto for Rachel and Finn.

Call me crazy, but I couldn't help but feel like I'm never going away for the weekend with my husband and leave my teens home alone.

Sex and underage drinking and fake id's? Nothing good can come of it.

Thanks Glee.


Heff said...

I remember MY first time, but 30 SECONDS isn't much to blog about.


Justin Bieber.

sybil law said...

I totally remember my first time! Good old high school...
Anyway, glad Glee gives you a medium to talk to your kids!

Dr Zibbs said...

My first time was with an older girl and it was far from her first time. She was screaming as if she was on a roller coaster. I remember thinking, "Will you shut up?"

elizabeth said...

I can't help it - I love Glee. But I think I will keep it to myself and never let my kids watch it ever...

Furtheron said...

oh let us not have this conversation!!!

I was 15, she was 16, we were "baby sitting" her younger brother. Given the age thing technically she was guilty of statutory rape. Roll on 34 years or so to the present day...

My daughter is 15 her boyfriend is 16. He is away at Army training camp most of the time at the moment - but there was a weekend he was home the wife and I were out... I'm not thinking about it!

I know pretty much the entire history of the sexual encounters of her classmates btw as she seems compelled to tell me whilst I'm eating my lasagne!

I really cannot cope with this stuff I'm only a 49 year old man for crying out loud!

MarkD60 said...

I think everybody remembers their first time.
I have a theory though. Whatever music you liked when did it the first time is the genre of music you prefer the rest of your life.
Ask your friends, you'll find it's true!

Anonymous said...

I remember my First time too. I have been trying to repeat it,(with improvements of course) for the last 30 years!