Monday, November 28, 2011


Ok, so I'll admit it, I watched it last night.

I was curious and I wanted to see for myself. Sort of, because what I really saw was what the powers that be wanted me to see. After watching the premiere episode of the highly touted, "Kourtney and Kim Take New York" I know one thing for sure, the whole marriage was doomed before it even started.

The entire thing takes place immediately after the honeymoon, and Kourtney, her 2 yr old son Mason, her boyfriend Scott and Kim and Kris all move into a palatial, two story hotel room in New York City. I am immediately thinking this is a bad set up which is all for ratings. Big mistake, as Kim and Kris, just married, have never lived together before and now they need to adjust to 3 other people too?

The Kardashians are not your average other people.

Immediately Kourtney is determined to push Kim's, opinionated, loud, pushy new husband to the limit with her lifestyle choices. I almost side with him when he comes home to find his wife and four of her closest friends practicing "naked yoga" with a rasta, dread wearing, naked man teaching yoga in the middle of his living room. Kim chastises him for being rude, but I think he has a valid point here.

I don't side with him on other issues. I don't like the way he man-handles his wife and I don't like how he puts her down to try and maintain his alpha status. BUT, this living arrangement is so ridiculous, I gotta give the guy props for moving out to focus on his "training" by episode's end. He wasn't drinking the "Kardashian Kool Aid" for sure, and it became evident that all things Kim and Kourtney take precedence over everything and everyone. Like it or not.

I'm not really seeing the villian they are making Kris Humphries out to be, but according to sources, this season of "Kourtney and Kim take New York" will reveal why she couldn't take one more day with him.

I'm curious.

And in the court of right and wrong, I'm wondering who will win this battle.


sybil law said...

Who? Kardouchian?

Anonymous said...

She has a very round ass. XO

Scope said...

Who would win in a knife fight death match between Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber?

We all would. We all would.

My wordver is "recitox", an anagram for "toxicer"

Candy's daily Dandy said...

@Scope-hahahahahaaaahhahaa! Love it!

the walking man said...

She is all ass and he was even a bigger junk in the trunk for ever getting into that hot mess. And NO Candace I do not watch that crap but when it makes the papers as NEWS then it's hard not to know about it all. Media whores good for nothing but exposing every little crevice of themselves and flouting it for us little people. Shit nobody ever even heard of a Kardashian until OJ murdered his wife.