Monday, November 7, 2011

Candy And Corey's Excellent Adventure

So New York City was a great trip and like all great trips it was over before we knew it. Frick, My Guy and I headed out to the Big Apple early Saturday morning and after a GPS snafu that landed us in Brooklyn, (we input New York, New York instead of Manhattan) we made it to our destination an hour off schedule. This, of course, killed any opportunity for an afternoon matinee, so My Guy bribed Frick and I with some Benjamin's and the promise of a few hours to kill spending them in Times Square.

And who did I have the wonderful pleasure of meeting whilst there???

None other than my blogger buddy Corey James, aka, Mad Texter!! We had been texting each other on the ride in, Corey offering his moral support for us ending up in Brooklyn.

"Crooklyn?! Boy did you make a wrong turn. Enjoy the added tour and try to get yourself on the FDR on the Eastside."

Upon arrival at the W Hotel Times Square, WHICH TOTALLY SUCKED, (can you say dirty bathroom?I'm so disappointed) Frick and I wasted no time getting out with the cash burning a hole in our pockets. First stop? Forever 21. Remember, I was with Frick and Forever 21 is a 17 year old girl's dream destination. Not so much for me, but this trip was all about her, anyway. Corey James met us there, and I knew him from the moment I saw his handsome face descending the huge escalators in the center of the store. We bonded immediately and the three of us corralled about the tacky hookers dream store together.

I think Corey was in shock, to be honest, that cheap, tacky fashions could be all the rage for teenage girls, but as he surveyed the premises and the hundreds of young girls around, I think he understood that we weren't kidding. We even checked out the cheap guy fashions at Forever 21 and believe it or not, we each found something to buy! Then it was off to the mother ship.

That, of course being the Sephora in Times Square. Corey, being a true Candy friend, knew that Sephora would be on my list of shopping destinations.

CANDY: "We are in Times Square. Would it be possible to meet there somewhere?"
COREY:"I'll be there in 15. I'm sure you're going to Sephora first!"

CANDY: "You know me! Hahahahaha! Love it!"

We fought the freaks and tourists in the street, and Corey showed us how to navigate our way through a crowded New York sidewalk, and we made it into Sephora. Frick became completely enamoured by the new magnetic nail polish and decided to give herself a manicure right there. Corey and I touched, smelled, played and tried almost everything in the store. I, of course, spent almost my entire Benjamin on MAKE UP...Seriously I have issues. (do they have a product rehab program?) but I managed to buy a new Urban Decay Eye Shadow Palette that is all neutrals and to die for.

Corey bought some FAB Fresh Lemon Sugar roll on fragrance, on my recommendation, and Frick wanted just about nothing. We left there and sent Frick to Starbucks for Chai Tea Latte's and Corey James fell in love with this new beverage. I showed him how to download emoji free on to his iPhone and now when we text we can use cute ;) little icons instead of words. We spent a few more minutes together and then it was off to dinner for us. We begrudgingly said goodbye to Corey and hurried up to our shitty hotel room just in time to freshen up and leave for dinner.

Yesterday was all about Frick. We arrived at NYU early, had a nice lunch and walked a very nervous young lady into her audition. After about 2 hours Frick came out smiling, but said couldn't gage anything because her auditioner gave her no feedback whatsoever. She said she thought it went well, but in the interview afterward, she wondered if she rambled a bit on one question. And it wasn't like this was the most important audition she had ever been to. It's not like she didn't obsess about it the whole 4 hour ride home wondering if her responses to his questions were good enough., quick enough, and memorable enough. She felt like she was left there on audition island all by herself and I had to talk my little actor off the ledge. She did great and I know this because she had a huge smile on her face when she came down after, but the not knowing was wreaking havoc with her psyche.

Welcome to the rest of your life baby. This is one of those life lessons that I couldn't teach her. She had to learn for herself.

In life we don't always have someone there to reassure us of a job well done. We just have to believe in ourselves enough to know.


Anonymous said...

I love those hookers, especially the ones with ashy knees and elbows. I see a nice ass in those jeans.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Nice Bama.
I'm sure if you were with us in Forever 21 we just might have been escorted out by security,..xoxo

Anonymous said...

Is that similar to "The Bird Cage?"

Heff said...

Nah - Bama shops at the same store I do - "Forever 12", lol !!!

sybil law said...

Sounds like a great time, all in all. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I had a blast meeting you in person, and just love smelling like fresh-squeezed lemon-aid now.

Chat soon!

Furtheron said...

Forever 21 was discovered a couple of years ago by my daughter - Providence shopping mall I think.

Anyhow - they are opening up over here. She found one in London recently and now there is a new big shopping centre next to the new Olympic park open - we're off there on Saturday and guess what... yes there is a Forever 21 there too! And a Holister! It'll be a long, long day

MarkD60 said...

I like meeting people through my blog. I always say "Facebook is good fir finding old friends, Blogger is good for finding new ones"
Looks like you had a good time. Great place to visit, wouldn't wanna live there!

Cora said...

Dontcha just LOVE meeting blog friends? They're ALWAYS exactly what you imagined!

Kimberly said...

Dirty, dirty, dirty! You went to NYC and didn't invite me? Chica, you got some nerve!