Monday, November 14, 2011

I Really Don't Discriminate When I Am Buying Product

So Frack had his math tutor last Wednesday night and I had an hour to kill before I had to pick him up at the library. An hour to kill and Candy unleashed can be a very dangerous thing, indeed. The library is very close to a local CVS so I figured I would go grab a few things like toothpaste and such and effectively kill the hour. Sounds innocent enough, right?

This particular CVS drugstore is open 24 hours and is very large. It has a new area that looks to be it's first foray into the high end cosmetics and skin care market. Of course, I am immediately drawn to the isle, after all I, have an hour to kill. Research and development, I like to call it, and I throw myself into looking at everything. There were lots of brand names that I didn't recognize and I got busy, reading and touching and smelling. Before I knew it, I had about six or seven products in my cart and I was really excited about them.

Lord knows I don't need a GOSH DARN thing, but I just can't help myself. I am a JUNKIE.

Anyway, one of the products I bought is a great product, on the cheap, that I want to share with you. It's by a company called Roc. Roc has a great line of skincare products that claim to be effective. Reasonably priced, and I mean a quarter of the department store brands, these Roc products consistently receive positive reviews on the makeup sites like The buzz on Roc is you can get a good, inexpensive, anti-aging product at your local drugstore.

I bought the Roc Daily Resurfacing Discs and I am in love with them. At $10.99, these pre-moistened cleansing pads are two-sided. One side is soft and foams up beautifully to gently remove dirt and makeup. This side also works great to remove eye makeup effectively. The other side has a slightly rough, buffing texture that also foams up and sloughs away dead skin cells. I use them at night because I really feel like I am cleaning off the grime of my day and these pads actually re-texturize your skin's surface and give dull skin a fabulous glow. I also love the convenience of the plastic tub, with the flip top for easy access.

Fellas, these will make great prep before shaving. Not only will they cleanse and tone, but the buff side will cause hair follicles on your face to rise to optimise your daily shave. Dare I say it? I actually feel like this products possibly cleanses my face better than my pricey foaming cleansers. Next time you are in your local drugstore, give them a try. I like them so much I am going to buy them for Frick. It's hard to get a 17 year-old to understand that taking care of your skin is important at any age. I think she will love the easy access to these pre-moistened, self foaming pads. Maybe now I can get her to remove her eye make up before bed because she hardly has to do a thing but rinse!

And as soon as Frack's whisker's come in, I'll buy him some too which could be a lot sooner than later.

I just noticed for the first time this weekend that his voice is changing...


Heff said...

"Shaving" ??

What's THAT ???

sybil law said...

Well I definitely appreciate your reviews! I'm totally gonna check this out. I've seen the Roc stuff and didn't know anything about them, so I'd pass them over. Not anymore!