Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lady Love

Lady love is in the air at McKinnley High and the Glee club helps Santana find acceptance with her sexual identity. It's all about Santana, and as much as she resists. she is shown the glee club's support support by dedicating an entire weeks lesson of music to her. This is lead by none other than "fetus face" himself, Finn.

Finn saves Santana from certain suspension, after slapping him across the face for outing her in public, then bribes her into getting the Trouble Tones and the New Directions to come to a "summit" two weeks before sectionals. Meanwhile Brittnay is bribing the student body with Pixie Styx for votes in the Student Body President race with Kurt. "But they are so delicious, " a sugar high Principal Figgins exclaims. Everyone is certain she will be crowned the winner and Kurt actually contemplates cheating by stuffing the ballot box to ensure the win which will be a "brass ring" resume piece essential for acceptance to NYADA.

Sue, interestingly enough, confesses that she is not gay, in her journal writings, even though people mistake her for a lesbian. She plots to get a guy so that she can show the voters that she is not a "friend of Ellen's", and gets out her little black book. Her secret Weapon? Cooter Mankins, Coach Bieste's new object of affection.

Blaine and Kurt dedicate the first song of the week to Santana and sing, Pink's "F**king Perfect"and it might just have been that if it were only Blaine singing. Sorry I love Chris Colfer, and I loved his asymmetrical sweater, but Blaine is a freaking rock star here and YES! I want some more of that, please. Then Puck knocks out a sexy,"I'm the Only One" to the glee club and sings almost entirely to Shelby, who is clearly not pleased with this performance. Quinn seated in font of Shelby, picks up on this sexual tension immediately and questions Puck about it after, in the hallway. She then tries to use her sexuality to seduce him by offering herself, to which he turns her down and even insults her.

Finn tells Santana that she means something to him and that he cares about what happens to her, and I'm thinking "cut the bi*ch loose" after the way she had insulted and humiliated him in the past few weeks, but he ends up singing her a classic girl anthem, turned ballad, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." Finn sounds great and Artie and the boys take this version to a whole new level. I really like this unique take on this song and it seemingly broke down the wall between Santana and Finn.

While Sue seems to have stolen Cooter from Coach Bieste, the show stealer and My Download Pick of The Week is, "I Kissed A Girl and I Liked It". This Glee cast ensemble pug the swagger back in Santana's step and showcased all of the talent this show has to offer. It was fun, it was naughty, it was sexy and it worked. The boys really seemed to like it too.

Kurt gets called into Figgins office where he is told that although he won the election by 119 votes, there were more ballots than seniors and that they think he cheated. Kurt admits to thinking about cheating, but swears that he did not do it. He did not cheat. Unless he can prove that he did not stuff the ballot box, Kurt will be suspended and Brittnay is named Class President.

Puck gets a call during class, which he rudely takes and leaves class citing a "family emergency". Shelby is at the hospital, distraught because Beth had fallen, causing her tooth to go through her lip. Puck demands that she see a plastic surgeon and a ridiculously helpless Shelby is seemingly grateful for Puck's assistance. We all know what that means...and of course, it happens. Shelby has post-coital regret and decides to throw Puck out before it goes any further. Puck is pissed off so he goes to the next best place, Quinn's house. After anger sex and some pillow talk Puck tells Quinn that he slept with Shelby. He tells her to keep it a secret. Like that's going to happen...

Santana tells her Abuelita, you know, the one that "raised" Santana on insults, that she is gay, and for the first time in a while I see Santana relax and come out of her nasty shell. But, her abuela is horrified, preferring Santana kept it a secret and she bans her from her home and her life forever. She sings a montage to "Constant Craving" with both Shelby and Kurt craving for their own resolutions.

The episode ended with some big wins and losses.
Burt won the Congress election.
Brittnay won the Class President election.
Santana lost her grandmother and
Rachel admitted to stuffing the ballot box for Kurt and is now suspended for one week, and lost for sectionals.

What's going to happen at sectionals now?


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh....nothing like young love. Especially with two young women. I have never seen nor will I ever see and episode of Glee. Ghey!

Anonymous said...

That would be "an."

Wil said...

I'm completely lost.

Heff said...

Puck Glee ! That show's FULL of Homo sectionals !!

Anonymous said...

Heff - I think that would be Homo-sexicals.

the walking man said...

I think it's homogenousmetroheterobilesgaysexuals

Furtheron said...

:-S and ?