Monday, November 21, 2011

Talking Turkey

Ahhh, Thanksgiving.

It's that wonderful American tradition that is still held some what sacred. It's the only holiday that is completely, 100%, all about the food. Thanksgiving is a great feast.

Some observations:

  • Stuffing seems to be the emotional favorite, second only to the turkey itself.

  • There are those who prefer to eat out and those who prefer to stay home. I prefer to stay home.

  • Cranberry sauce is in two categories: homemade and jelly. I always have to serve both because some like it jelly style, straight out of a can, and some will only eat the homemade kind with whole cranberries.

  • Apple Cider. It's the only time I drink it and it is always a staple on my thanksgiving table.

  • There's always one who's not speaking to so and so, and you have to be careful not to seat them next to each other or get in the middle of it for that matter.

  • Thanksgiving is also synonymous with football.

  • Is it legal to begin drinking on Thanksgiving day at 12 noon? It is a holiday after all.

  • It's hilarious, it seems like the entire town I live in closes up shop around 3pm on Wednesday. People are either traveling or cooking, but no one is out and about after that.

  • Is it legal to begin drinking wine on Thanksgiving morning at 10 am? It is a holiday after all. And I'm gonna need it to get through this one.

What are your observations bloggers?


Anonymous said...

None for me this year.

Heff said...

Wine makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. (tee-hee!)

The Dental Maven said...

Let's take a tip from retailers who have backed up the clock for shopping...start the festive imbibing as early as possible!

sybil law said...

You have to "test" the wines, right? It's always best to "test" them to make sure they're good enough. Gits to drinkin'!

Scope said...

I think you can start drinking Wednesday at 3:00. Everybody else is. In Chicago, Thanksgiving Wednesday is one of the biggest nights for neighborhood bars all year.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Bama-no way you are not imbibing this holiday season.

Heffy- Mee too;)

Mave-too bad we're not closer. We could have a nice glass of wine together.

Sybil-that's right and I'm totally sticking to that story.

Scope-Wed night before Thanksgiving is usually the best night to go back to the old hood and see old friends. Good times.

Anonymous said...

I live for the Green Bean Casserole. Everyone else can eat the rest of the meal....

the walking man said...

I began my opt out at the start of the fourth quarter if the year.

We don't know what we are doing on Thanksgiving day, casino maybe but in Canada, but every holiday and holiday eve and day after that my wife has been scheduled to work.

She got a note that read something like this "You're working on Christmas for me because we go to my grandmothers every year at 11 and have lot's of fun." It was from a co-worker who only hired on two months ago and initialed by her supervisor who included new years eve and New Years day on her schedule for good measure. You know us old people don't have a life anyway so why the eff not?

Ergo fuck it Candace drink from now until you feel like you don't want to drink anymore. Hell start today if you want and party until the next election day.

Anonymous said...

No, just not having a holiday this season.

RW said...

There are times when it isn't okay to have a drink? Since when? Asking for permission is kind of scaring me...