Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You Get What You Pay For

I learned my lesson but good this weekend. When it comes to razors, the old adage is true; you get what you pay for.

Frick asked me to get her some razors, so being the stellar mother that I am, I bought her the cheapest, bagged up by three's, pastel colored, piece of shit disposable razors I could find. You know, the kind you would buy because you think that $12-15 dollars is too much to spend on a razor for you teen aged daughter. I figured, what the heck, she's just shaving her legs, and I remember having those razors in my high school gym bag when I was her age.

What I forgot was that when I was her age, we didn't have better disposable razor options like we do today. I was under the impression that a razor is a razor any way you slice your fricken skin when you are shaving. I somehow forgot that razor companies were built on quality so much so that they now own major sports stadiums in cities where 3 time Super Bowl champions play and sexy MVP quarterbacks showcase their superior skills. How could I have forgotten?

You see, Frick is waaay to smart for me. She immediately poo-poohed the cheap razors I bought her and went straight into my bathroom and took my Gillette Venus razor. (a razor so important that it's ad campaign is built around the goddess that is JLo)

I thought, "whatever" and happily took the cheapy, pretty razors up to my shower. No big whoop, I decided, a razor is a razor.

Herin lies my problem. I was DEAD wrong.

Now, shame on me cuz this ain't my first time at the "shaving" rodeo. I've been shaving this body for over 30 years, and yes it hasn't always been a cake walk. Somewhere along the way I must have learned this lesson and I guess that's why I have the Venus razor, but I must have forgot. Armed with my new razors I took to the showers.

First try, I nicked BOTH my arm pits, (and that fricken hurts) and one ankle.

Next day, I re-injured the arm pit scab, and I won't even tell you what other parts of my body now have nicks and cuts. (Holy crap! that hurts)

Ooooh nooooo, I learned my lesson here. Never again will I buy cheap razors to shave my tender, sensitive skin. Never. If it's the last $20 bucks in my wallet, it's going to a quality razor because now I know better. The new dog, Frick, taught the old dog, mom, new tricks, and she was right.

You get what you pay for in the razor department and I've got the nicks and cuts to prove it.


MarkD60 said...

Usually the Bics are pretty good, but when they are new, they are very sharp. They have a good long middle life though.
But I never shaved my armpits, or legs.....

Anonymous said...

I find this to be true with just about anything...I do my best to buy quality....

Heff said...

Granted, but to my knowledge no one has screwed up Yellow Mustard. YET.

Anonymous said...

I kiss on the cut parts sounds in order. XO
- BamaTrav

sybil law said...

Candy! Your twitter account is sending me spam!!
Also, I have those razors, and they're fine! I do prefer my Gillette razor, though.

Scope said...

@ Heff - I once bought Yellow Mustard from Whole Foods. (It was the closest store, don't judge.) It lasted exactly 1 hotdog, and then got thrown out.

@ Candy - I'm sure Heff will take over your shaving duties for you.

the walking man said...

what is this strange thing called a what...razor?