Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We're Bringing Sexy Back

Happy Tuesday Bloggers!

So I was talking to a good friend of mine this morning and she was very depressed. I felt so bad for her but all I could do was lend her my moral support. Then I came here and saw this WallyWorld Freak in my reader, and I thought maybe there's hope for my friend, after all.

So I'm breaking my Freaky Friday tradition, and I've decided to dedicate this special Tuesday edition of our favorite freaks to my good friend. Cheer up babe. I promise you, it can't be this bad.

Today it's looking like WalMart is the place to bring sexy back.... and then leave it there, if you know what I'm sayin'.

"Tim had always considered himself a boob.....man."

If "the south will rise again", she ain't helping matters any. I'm thinking not much is going to rise after viewing this get up.

"Cheeky", is the phrase that comes to mind. She's must be picking up a package of a few things before her date.....

Umm, ummm....That's just how I like my men. Dead sexy, with just a peek of mystery.

No mystery here, that thong is definitely working overtime. Chances are pretty good she's going to have thong burn tonite.

And this is every woman's nightmare. I swear, we buy all kinds of new fangled, thinner, sleeker, more absorbent, and easier to hide panty liners. They even make liners for thongs, but no one bothered to tell girlfriend here. I would bet next month's rent that if she knew this picture was here, it would cause irreparable psychological damage. Poor thing.

So there you have it.I hope my friend feels a little better now.

Keep the faith baby!


Heff said...


MarkD60 said...

That website, people of Wal Mart is a hoot!
I hope your friend feels better too!

sybil law said...

I can't handle the Walmart crap!!

Slyde said...

i see nothing wrong with that hat!

Scope said...

That's not a thong. It's a tattoo. Saves time.

Dr Zibbs said...

How do some people have so self awareness?