Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Marketing Of Me

Sometimes I'm such a contradiction that I don't even recognize myself. I mean, almost everyday I come here, to a web address that bears my name, and write about the stuff that concerns me. Then I get dressed and I go to my little shop that bears my name and sell makeup, skincare and my expertise. But, I'll be the first one to tell you that I don't really love the spotlight, yet I've got your attention when I make that announcement. I very rarely post pictures of myself on this blog, preferring to stay somewhat anonymous, yet I lift the self-imposed picture moratorium occasionally for when it suits my purposes.

See what I mean?

I am currently in the process of deciding on a "ad campaign" of sorts for my store, (don't get the wrong idea, it's just a new, small ad in a local, glossy magazine) and a friend sent me a web site of a woman who is a makeup artist with a name very similar to mine. She pointed out that this beautiful woman uses the Internet and her own image to promote her business. She started by making YouTube tutorials on how to apply makeup looks and she currently has hundreds of thousands of followers. She is now working for the Fashion News Network and is becoming very well know. My friend's point?

Look at how she markets her own image.
Look at how her image attracts followers.
Think about it for your store and your product.

So I got to thinking, should I re-brand my store with my image? Isn't that a little "haaaayyy look at me", or is it time to drop the fear of rejection and try something new? I named the store after myself, so why not utilize my image to market it? But what if the haters have a field day with this one.

The interesting thing here is, if someone came to me and asked me to style a photo shoot for someone else's ad campaign; do their makeup and style their look and the shoot accordingly, I would jump at the chance. In fact, I would welcome the opportunity even excel and make it fabulous. It's what I do everyday and I'm good at it. It's what I live for.

So the question begs, why can't I do it for myself? Why can't I market me?

The budget does not call for me to hire someone else. As I said, it's a small ad for a local, glossy, coffee table like magazine, but I have my peeps and I know we can do this. I just need to put my fear aside. As much as I talk a big game, truth be told I'm really quite shy when it comes down to "going for it", and my friend failed to point out that I am a heck of a lot older than this makeup artist blogger extraordinaire.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained right? And really, how long do those coffee table magazines really stay on people's coffee table's anyway?


the walking man said...

The question is if you do not believe in your product & services enough to promote it then why should others? And yes I know you believe in your goods and services but not yourself--get over it, if people do not know where you are located or do not know what a unique line you carry then how will they know? Ya know?

I understand completely (trust me on this) on the not wanting to be the self promotion pimp of me...but once I started to sell my books which started with self promotion, the most important part happened and word of mouth helped sell every one I have printed.

HEFF alone would buy everything in stock if you just do a bathing suit shot...but seriously yes a small monthly magazine ad on a table in a doctors office or beauty salon may just sit there for MONTHS which bangs your buck pretty hard and if you put your own image in the ad, trust me on this also Candace you are not hard on the eyes. I doubt anyone will go blind.

In short DO IT!

MarkD60 said...

I have a small business that is going really slow. The problem is I can't sell I guess. I can fix the equipment, I just can't get any customers.

Heff said...

The Walking Man NAILED IT.

If you're SELLING, Heff's BUYING, BABY !

Anonymous said...

BamaTrav loves your ass TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heff said...

Ya know, I hear PLAYBOY is a GREAT medium to use for advertising.

Perhaps toward the CENTER of the magazine ?

Just a thought :)

Anonymous said...

God knows I'd hit tha...I mean buy that for a dollar if she did an advertisement in Playboy.

Joker_SATX said...

Sales is really nothing more than a transfer of enthusiasm. My two cents is that you should approach marketing techniques that allow you to transfer the enthusiasm of your business.

If creating a YouTube vid about a specific product line that you are excited about does the trick then so be it.

Point I am getting is to focus less on you, and more on the excitement one would get by getting that product. I think it will make, making those types of vids easier. Simply because in your mind it won't really be you...but it will be the excitement that product gives you.

sybil law said...

Do it!
Also, you could use your daughter, too - she's got your looks, and might appeal to the younger masses for products geared their way!
Do it! You're gorgeous.
Make sure you post the results, though!

Cora said...

Sybil Law has a REALLY good point. Would Frick be interested in joining in the promotion? If so, think how powerful that would be with the both of you. You'd be speaking to multiple markets. It's definitely worth a shot!

Scope said...

Find a hobo on the street and do a BEFORE/AFTER shoot.

Or not. Listen to the other people on this one. You can be in the ads without it being about YOU. Dave Thomas was in the Wendy's ads, but it was about the food. (I think all the JLo ads going around these days are too much about JLo, and not enough about the products.)