Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dancing Darkhorse

One of my guilty pleasures in this life is watching those dumb-ass Kardashians. I have to admit it, that I just can't help trying to "Keep up" with them. Why? I can't quite explain it, nor can the millions of other idiots, like me, who watch them but I'm riveted.

There's just something about them.

Love them or hate them, they grow on you. I couldn't help but recently feel bad for youngest Kardashian brother Rob.The Kardashian/Jenner clan was on vacation in Bora Bora, and diva princess Kim decided to give Rob a hard time for being a "loser" with no career. She kept making digs about how Rob has no career and that younger sister Kendall makes more money than him, (thems is fighting words) to which Robert responded by calling Kim a whore on national TV. They then had a moving/nauseating scene in the hotel room with Rob and his mom with tears and Rob telling his mom that he needs to start doing something with his life. She cries too and tells him that she will help him.

Flash forward to today, Kris Jenner must have helped him in the best way she could, because he is now on Dancing with the Stars. Not the greatest way for a guy to achieve his dreams, but if you're a Kardashian, it's a $tart.

Now here's the funny thing, I don't watch Dancing with the Stars, but on Tuesday mornings I check YouTube to see how Rob did the night before and on Wednesday mornings I check to see if Rob had been eliminated. I am cheering for him and as ridiculous as this sounds, I want him to win so that he can shove it in his fat-assed, diva queen, princess sister Kim's face. SHE, who got kicked off in week two of her stint on Dancing.

And now people are saying he could pull off a win. Really?

I know it's stupid, and I know that there are people fighting the good fight for great causes and for the greater good all over the world. In the scheme of things this is a great waste of time, but I can't help rooting for this guy.

The chances are slim, but I hope he pulls this off. I hope he gets to shove that disco ball championship trophy right up his sister Kim's media hogging, greedy, selfish, fat ASS.



Heff said...

Nah - Rob's gonna be shot down in FLAMES.

One day they'll enter the DWTS practice studio, and find his fat ass passed out with 20 empty Twinkie and Ho-Ho Boxes surrounding his sugar-coma bloated carcass.

NOT that he's the most stupid Kardashian by any means. I think they're ALL about EQUALLY RETARDED.

Anonymous said...

Kim does get me to "grow."

sybil law said...

Fucking Kardashians.
From what you wrote, though - I feel bad for him, too. Still- why is it even up to his MOM for him to do something with his life?!
Fucking Kardashians!

Heff said...

Sybil law - Kris "Kardashian Jenner" acts as MOOCH....I mean MANAGER for the kids.

If I was Bruce Jenner, I'd be RUNNING FASTER THAN EVER right now, lol !!!

Scope said...

I watch the show a little, and I still don't know who the hell he is.

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