Monday, October 3, 2011

Maybe I'm Not As Old As I Think

Sometimes I think age really is a state of mind. Most days, I like to think of myself as a young woman, and there are other days when I feel really old. None more so than after a night of partying and drinking.

My nephew got married this weekend and it was a family affair; a real cause for celebration and we ripped it up hard. I had a grand old time and drank champagne all night and sure enough I was feeling it the next morning. I spent the afternoon on the sofa eating hangover food, napping and watching football. I almost hated myself for being so fricken useless and almost resigned myself to the fact that I just don't bounce back like I used to.

Then I talked to some of the other, YOUNGER, members of my family and they all reported that they were wrecked for the day yesterday too. I'm not sure I hit it quite as hard as they did, but I kept up and you could say that we were part of the group of the few left standing. Heck, I wasn't that bad. I figured it was Sunday and if there was a day to take it easy this was the day. Yeah, I could have got up and ran some errands and cooked and cleaned yesterday, but I really didn't have to and I decided to give myself permission to chill and recover.

It was then that I realized that maybe I'm not as old as I think.

This was a great revelation!

Maybe I still got it, and maybe the youngsters could learn a thing or two from us older, more experienced family members.

And no matter how hard you hit it, and how old you are; it's simple, you play, you pay.

The difference? Now my bank account is a lot bigger.


sybil law said...

I went out last night for a "couple of drinks" and closed down the bar. It was definitely rough this morning but hey - not like I do it all the time (almost never!) and it was fun.

Wish I could stay on the couch all day, though! I did get to eat some leftover au gratin potatoes, so that was awesome. :)

You're looking gorgeous!

Scope said...

See, age and treachery will overcome youth and enthusiasm any day. Skip a round. Have a ginger ale. Eat that bread. I have a wedding in two weeks that I was just informed will be officially dry. With my family, I can bet there's gonna be a flask or two floating around somewhere.

I saw some of the pix from the wedding. Looks like a great time.

MarkD60 said...

To me, I stay the same and everyone else gets older. For example, I used to go to the doctor and it was an old man, now it's a little kid. The police are all little kids nowadays.
I'm still the same, they're getting younger!

Anonymous said...

I have always said that it's never the's the mileage.

Heff said...

Screw age.


That's really all that matters, lol.