Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Finish Line

Oh hell yes!
It's Friday bloggers and I couldn't be more ready for a long weekend. The weather around here has been dreamy; cool mornings and sultry, mild, summery afternoons. It looks like we are headed for more of this for the weekend, so I am ready to kick back and enjoy. Things I'm planning on doing:

  • It's time for the fall mums in the pots. The summer flowers are still kicking, but they have seen better days. The time has come to remove them and replace them with pumpkins and mums, a sure sign that fall has arrived.

  • This is fire pit weather. Spiced cider and a few cocktails, good friends and family by the fire. Looking forward to that.

  • Going to see Moneyball this weekend. Not only did My Guy read the book but throughout our courtship, he would tell me bits and pieces of this legendary story. ALSO, my bestest friend saw it and said, "Brad Pitt: Distractingly good looking". I could stand two hours of that.

  • Gotta tie up some loose end Frick college stuff. So far, we are right on target.

  • I think I'll make spaghetti and meatballs. It's my signature dish and I have been told that I should bottle my recipe. Heff, what you cooking/grilling this weekend? I miss your "Iron Heff" series.

  • Pats/Jets: Am I nuts for giving up my ticket? Seriously, I just want to stay home and watch it with my family. Although I'm beginning to question my decision now that it's going to be in the 80's on Sunday, I'm sure one of my nephews will be the beneficiary of my season ticket. Pats should win if My Tommy is on.

So enjoy your weekend with your family bloggers!

Around here, we are thinking of it as summer's last stand. I may be able to pull out the shorts for a few more days which means I might need a little boost from some self tanner....


Heff said...

Funny you should ask, dear.

Heff JUST got through building a nice Pergola at his grill area, and we're gonna break it in with a RATHER LARGE party. FIRE PIT EXPERIENCE INCLUDED.

20 Ribeyes, Hamburgers, Brats, etc. will be devoured.

By midnite, Heff and BamaTrav should be drunk and singing in our underwear together.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention I am going to take some of Heff's Bisquick, mix them with my balls and add a little heat to them and then let everyone enjoy dipping my balls in my gravy. Mmmm Mmmmm Good!!!!


Heff said...

....and after THAT, Trav's gonna COOK, TOO, LMAO !!!

Anonymous said...

2-Shay, I did forget to mention that part!


sybil law said...

Heff and BamaTrav have me hungry now...
I ws so eager for fall this year that I've already got pumpkins and mums mingling with the tomatoes and flowers on the porch. The damn cats have killed all the gel window clings Gilda put up, though.

Anonymous said...

I so miss that is still too damn hot here. High today of 95 and this is October...

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Heff- Can I come????? donna can seriously BURN and we would have so much fun!!!!

I wanna go to. Heff's for a BBQ!! (stomping my foot)

Bama- I think everything tastes better smothered with Bisquick and gravy.

Sybil- ooooh! I LOVE home grown tomatoes. You should see my looks like Halloween threw up in here.

Joker- cmon- you and me...road trip to Heff's!! whoo hoo!!!!!