Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scenes From The Life Of A Sports Fan

EXT: Boston living room, in front of TV-Wednesday night, September 28, 2011

This entire exchange takes place via text message between FANNY and DANNY.

While watching RED SOX play in a do or die game, with the RED SOX leading the ORIOLES late in the seventh inning 3-2, the game goes into a rain delay.

7:42 PM EST

FANNY: We have the game on the TV and the iPad on his lap with the Yanks/Tampa game going. This sh*t is crazee..

DANNY: (Danny is in Las Vegas) I'm at work! Can you stand that?

FANNY: Nothing to report except the yanks are up 1-0 top of second. we are scoreless in the top of second.

DANNY: I have game cast but not same. Going to sports book at 5 to watch.

FANNY: I'll keep you posted until then.

8:08 PM EST

FANNY: Texiteriaiaaiaia just hit a grand slam! Yanks 5-0!!

8:25 PM EST




DANNY: I can barely breathe

FANNY: this is NOT fun

DANNY: same score with the yanks

FANNY: yup

9:16 PM EST

FANNY: that was magic

DANNY: What????

FANNY: Lester walks the first two batters of the inning and Scuataro made an unbelievable play for the double play

9:38 PM EST

FANNY: rain delay! do you believe this sh*t??? I can hardly stand that its the 7th. i may KILL myself if i have to wait.

DANNY: unbelievable really, it's like us jews. have to suffer for everything.

FANNY: on Roshoshanna(SP)to boot!

10:04 PM EST

DANNY: Ai did yanks win?

FANNY: Not yet. Yanks tampa 7-2 bottom of 8th

FANNY: Sorry 7-6 bottom of 8th Longoria hit 3 run HR

FANNY: 2outs tying run on base

DANNY:Omg please let the yankees gold on

DANNY: hold

10:47 PM EST

DANNY: Rays tied it up


FANNY: ahhhhh! Noooooooo!

DANNY: nightmare

DANNY: they were one pitch away

FANNY: I'm suckaring someone

DANNY: I'm sick

11:03 PM EST RED SOX game has resumed play

DANNY: every pitch is like a pitchfork to my heart.


11:20 pm EST

FANNY: Papelbon.please be on tonite.

FANNY: Lord.

FANNY: I prominse ill never...

FANNY: if you just see to it...

DANNY: I can barely watch.

DANNY: is pap on?

DANNY: please jesus

12:00 AM EST

FANNY: oh God

FANNY: this is excurciating

DANNY: painful

DANNY: my stomach is in knots

FANNY:Oh please

FANNY: nice


FANNY: take us home now

DANNY:oh no


DANNY: drama always

FANNY: all kkkkkkkk's now


DANNY:I think the rays are in scoring position

DANNY: I can't breathe

FANNY: Dan, i can't do this. I'm DYING

DANNY: I could cry like a baby.

FANNY: OK, lets not die. Just finish the inning now.

DANNY: It's like I'm watching from outside my own body & mind

then Papelbon LOST the RED SOX game.


FANNY: over

FANNY: im sick and I wanna die and I'm going to bed

DANNY: now we need the yanks to win

FANNY: I'm out

FANNY:they don't deserve it

DANNY: collapse of a great team


DANNY: the rays might as well win


B.E. Earl said...

I would hate to be a Boston fan today. I'm not sure I could get over the events of yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I purposely did not post about my Red Sox due to anger and frustration.

What was funny was that during the last part of the texting you listed there...I was busy pukin. And not due to major alcohol consumption mind you...

Red Sox do this to me every year. EVERY FREAKIN YEAR!

So....with that said, how's you today?

Scope said...

Candy, if you want to see some real tragedy, go here:

the walking man said...

Hmmm hmmm hmmm dum de dumm dum dum de hummmmhmmmmm

oddly enough my word verification is biteit

MarkD60 said...

I like the Orioles, they have sucked for years....