Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fashion Frenzy

I am a nut.

Many of you who have been hanging around The Daily Dandy for long enough know this to be fact. You also know that I am a fashion nut. Fashion speaks to my soul, and nothing makes me feel better than the feel of fine fashions against my skin.

But today I am a SMART nut.

Today I made some mean fashion decisions and hit the mother load.

Italian designer, Missoni, (my most very favorite designer) hit Target stores across the country today with low price, fabulous signature zig zag goods designed for the masses. I have been counting the days till this fasionista's dream came true ever since I saw the ad on TV a week ago.

"Shut UP," I found myself saying out loud to no one in particular when I saw it.

Missoni and low price are two words you would almost never see in a sentence together, so imagine my excitement when I learned of this offering. I had my strategy all planned out too. I was going to go right at 8am when the store opened, and I even called last night to confirm the sale. Myself and 10 other women stool outside the huge store this morning, ready to enter. Piece of cake, I thought, this is going to be easy.

You never saw 10 women turn on each other quicker in your life.

It was a fricken free for all. The section where the inexpensive Missoni fashions hung was small, but those 10 women weren't fooling around. Most were grabbing hangers of clothes, 4 and 5 at a time and stuffing them into their carts. I some how managed to grab 3 dresses, a jacket and a skirt for Frick and move on quick. I knew there were shoes.

I got to the shoes just as one woman had about 15 boxes in front of her and she defensively hovered over the boxes. I grabbed my size in the two pairs that I wanted and was herded out of that section by the masses that had moved on from the clothing. Steering my cart over to the housewares section with the intensity of a Brinks truck driver, I then scored some of my favorite items on my menu. I got a two tired appetizer tray, a set of three nesting bowls, two mugs, a candle tray, a serving platter and two bath towels. I almost didn't even know what I was doing. Almost.

The looks on the other shoppers faces as we navigated throughout the store was priceless. I caught a section for men's ties. I had to buy My Guy something. I scored a cute winter scarf, I grabbed a multi colored throw for the house and I found the perfect duvet and shams for my guest room. I was delirious with adrenaline, and I knew I was done. At the check out line the woman in front of me telling me her shopping cart story, was almost pathetic.

"That lady rammed into me with her shopping cart, ON PURPOSE."

I was almost embarrassed to have been a part of it. Almost.

It was exactly 8:34 am when I started my car and pulled out for my departure with the treasures. Thirty four minutes from start to finish. I'm not even going there with how much I spent, but I can tell you that the most expensive item was $79.99.

And I'm a smart shopper who, today, is in zig-zag heaven.


Anonymous said...

Tom Brady's a girl.

Cora said...

Ahhh, it's like the Cabbage Patch Kid frenzy all over again.

Cora said...

Hey, I just heard that Missoni fans shut down Target.com today. Thought you'd get a kick out of that. :-)

sybil law said...

Dude. Apparently there was a line outside our local Target.
Fuck that shit!
(Jealous of your throw, though! And the shoes...)

Scope said...

Don't get it, but won't pass judgement, either.

I'm sure there's something I would do that for. Maybe.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Sounds a little nutty, but I think the cart-rammer took it to a whole other level of psycho shopper.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

I'm happy you got your treasures and you appreciate them. So many people are buying that stuff up so they can put it on Ebay and exploit people to pay a fortune for it. I am so against this. It's rude and greedy. Let people who genuinely enjoy it, like yourself, buy it.

Rant over. Enjoy your stash :)