Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Good The Bad And The Really Ugly

I'm starting this post off with the Really Ugly and work my way backwards because I want to end this on a high note.

The Really Ugly: It's a good thing I'm not suicidal. Yeah I know, I'm always talking sports smack when my team is winning. Yup, I'm sure I'm righty obnoxious about my Beantown purebred when it comes to game but I'm definitely not feeling it now.

I feel sick. An entire Nation feels sick.

Tied for the Wild Card today and on the verge of TOTAL self destruction. It's just a matter of time. The worst part? I'm more obsessed with them now than when they are winning. There's a tiny little gremlin called optimism that lives in my soul and he can't get off this sinking ship. It's epic, this fail.

The only consolation would be if Jacoby Elsbury wins the MVP. Yeah, that would make it better.

Sort of.

The Bad: Patriots-Bills last Sunday? Not only am I sick, but I'm also mad.WTF was that? This has probably been the WORST couple of weeks in my life as a Boston fan. Who was that at quarterback and what did they do with Brady? Is My Tommy a bitch? Horrid, humiliating, heinous and any other disgusting adjectives I can use to describe the scene in Buffalo on Sunday would be helpful.

Here's the thing, My Tommy's so good when he's good that it's scary. We marvel and pull out terms like, "one of the greatest" and grown men swoon over him like giddy school girls. But when he's bad he's HORRID. He's Hagrid the Horrible and nobody wants to even be near him.

Which makes him like the little girl with the little curl in the nursery rhyme.

Which makes him a little girl. Jus' sayin.

It's just bad. Period. But at least the Pat's have a chance to redeem themselves.

The Good: Like a happy reprieve should be, I was so inspired by your comments on yesterday's Bucket List post. A quite eclectic and supremely unique and passionate bunch, we are, bloggers. I have to tell you that I so enjoyed the responses the subject brought out in you all.

When I decided to actually compose a list, I learned a bit about myself , but I learned so much more about you all in your responses. Funny, eloquent, caring and insightful were your comments and I am so grateful you shared with me. Sometimes blogging is just me talking it out to myself with you all listening. I learned to live for today and enjoy the moment.

As my good friend, the very wise Walking Man said:

"My bucket list consists of two things Go to bed breathing and wake my ass up the same way. Everything in between is an adventure of one kind or another."


Anonymous said...

First, I love my Red Sox...I really do. However, if they are choosing to play this way, I say tank the last game and stay home...save me the aggravation.

My Pats have a killer offense. They have a crap Defense. I don't know what happened...I am still numb over it.

Heff said...

Damn, I'm actually beginning to miss the GLEE posts, lol !!

MarkD60 said...

Deep, cynical, cryptic... I like it.

sybil law said...

Walking Man IS wise!! :)