Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Like A Thief In The Night....

I am certainly no stranger to robbery.

Just 8 months after my EX-ASS and I split up many years ago, my home was burglarized. Thieves took every bit of my jewelry and my daughter's jewelry and nothing else. It was so violating and scary, even if it was an inside job, that we were all shaken by it. But that's a blog for another day. Today I mention it because we got hit again, on Sunday night.

It was minor, and thank God for that, but violating nonetheless. Frick's car and My Guy's car, both parked in our driveway, were cleaned out. They only got about 3 bucks in quarters from My Guy, but poor Frick had her iPod Touch stolen, along with her iPod connector for her car. My Guy discovered it on Monday morning when he got into his car to got to Home Depot.

While walking to his car he happened to glance inside Frick's car, parked just beside his. He noticed that the inside of Frick's vehicle looked completely ransacked. He figured it was her looking for something in a teenage fury and had not cleaned up after. That was until he got into his car and realized the same thing had happened to his car, but to a lesser degree.

I felt so bad for Frick. I mean, she was only 10 when our house was robbed, and she was more frightened then about the violation of her security than the loss of her jewelry. This time, she was just pissed off that someone stole something of hers that she cherished. I think she was more upset about the loss of the iPod car connector than anything else, but she had a real uneasy feeling about the thought of people rummaging through her stuff in her car.

And let that be a lesson to all of us. Take nothing for granted. Frick also left the keys to the car inside it that night. The thieves could have taken her car, so it could have been much worse, but it got me to thinking. My mom (who is also one of my neighbors) was telling me that her handy man took her to the front door to show her something disturbing last week. He was working on the outside trim all week and when he went back to check his work around the door, he noticed that the freshly painted area between the door knob and the door latch had been scraped up. It definitely appeared that someone was trying to get in, then he showed her a drop of blood that was dried on the threshold of the door. Sure enough, this could be a tel tale sign of an attempted B&E.

Then last Tuesday, just as I am leaving to go to work, Buddy, my big white boxer, started barking ferociously and caught my attention. As I glanced out I saw a very tall and large man in a suit with a brief case and a woman in a long skirt approaching my door. They weren't at all afraid of ferocious Buddy, which unnerved me right away. Instinctively, I opened the door and went outside with more than an attitude and I might have even been rude.

"How can I help you?" I snapped as I went to grab my dog before he reached them and possibly hurt one of them, leaving me liable for their injuries.

"We are here to talk to you about the Lord," they pleasantly replied.

"Ya. No. My dog doesn't like solicitors and I'm not interested so please leave," I said. It gave me a freaky feeling all day. Stupid, I know, but even though they seemed harmless, the little visit left me feeling uneasy.

And now this.

Let's just hope my thief quota has been filled for good.


The Vegetable Assassin said...

Ugh that's awful. And makes you completely paranoid and fearful as well. I never leave ANYTHING in the car that anyone might want. I guess there's not much chance of getting anything back though. God, I hate thieving a-holes.

Joker_SATX said...

This is why I have always thought that having a James Bond type theft detection system is awesome.

Try to break into the car...it blows up and takes the thief with it.

Sorry to hear about this...this really sucks!

SkylersDad said...

That is pretty scary, but I wonder why they took the contents of the car and not the car since the keys were there? It makes me think it was kids or something.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Veg-"God, I hate thieving a-holes." Thank You. That sums up exactly how I feel.

Joker- Fricken brilliant.

Sky's Dad-Oh yeah. The Cops said that it happened the same night in a neighboring town. Ours was the first report in my town. Cop said they were looking for small electronics and cash. So they can sell it fast for drug money.

Scope said...

My car was broken into once, and they stole a "brief case" from the back seat. Well, it looked like a brief case, but was actually a cheap plastic case with 24 mix tapes in it.

After that, I kept a framed 8.5X11 sheet of paper with "Nothing To Steal" sitting on the passenger's seat.

Damn was them some good mixed tapes.

And from then on, there was glass always rattling around inside the door.

MarkD60 said...

I had some kids break in my house years ago and took only candy and stuff, maybe a video game.
But it is a terrible, violated feeling.

Heff said...

"EX-ASS" ???

I thought that's what you call it when you have things in abundance.

I COULD be wrong....

Cora said...

My car was broken into once. They pulled out the $100 cheap-ass radio and cut the wires and took it with a mix tape. Jerks. I felt simultaneously violated and confused: a cheapo radio and a mix tape? Really? C'mon! Then again...

When I was five someone stole a mammoth potted plant that weighed about 150 pounds from our front porch. Yep. Really. A potted plant. Unbelievable.