Thursday, March 24, 2011

Silly Rabbit, Kicks Are For Kids

Yup, I'm over 40 and I'm still wearing them. Nothing says who I am more than the sneakers I put on my feet. You see, I wear my sneakers when I'm being a casual version of myself. When I feel like I don't care what I look like and when I feel like I do care what I look like. My kicks can tell you a lot about me.

It's like the fun version of me comes alive. On my first trip to Europe, one would think I stuffed my suitcase with fabulous European fashions, and I did, but I ended up bringing home 3 pairs of sneakers along with all that fashion. The Europeans do it right when it comes to sneakers. Somehow a handsome, well dressed European guy almost always tops off his outfit with the proper sneaker to make him look effortlessly fashionable.

I have sneakers in all shapes and colors. Bright green, leopard print, neon pink and yellow in high tops and low tops, nothing is too daring or crazy if it tickles my fancy. Let's not forget about the "utilitarian" sneakers that one must have. The sneakers that protect the foot and aid the wearer in a daily workout. These are my least favorite sneakers, but a must, and I painstakingly choose my design. Have you ever designed your own pair of sneakers online? I have yet to try this, but my kids have and it's a brilliant marketing tool. They tell me these are the Holy Grail of kicks to come by.

What kind of sneaker are you and what do they say about your personality?

Because they're not just for kids, but for the kid who lives inside you.


B.E. Earl said...

I've got five pairs of no-lace, slip-on Converse All-Stars in different colors. That's how I roll.

sybil law said...

Oh, man - I have 6 pairs of Converse, and I'll be adding a new white pair, soon. But I loves me some Adidas, and my latest hunt is a new pair of Tretorns. Remember those? I loved them back in the day. I'm not even mentioning all my other shoes - K-Swiss, Brooks, Merrell, Nike, etc. The beauty is, I am really easy on shoes, so even my gym shoes that I wear daily are in great shape.

SkylersDad said...

I am such a simple guy. I buy really great high end running shoes, wear them for 6 months, then they become the every day shoes when I buy new running shoes. The old pair of every day shoes gets demoted to the garage as dog walking shoes.

Circle of life baby!

Cora said...

For workouts I like Champion shoes. Otherwise, eh, I'm not really a shoe girl, so I just wear whatever I've got.

Scope said...

I was a big "New Balance" guy back when I was running, and still am. I like them "mostly white, and not too freaky." (Describes my ex girlfriends, too!)

But I do usually keep a pair of deck shoes around to slip into and out of easy, and a few pair of Chucks, too. I tried replacing the deck shoes with Croc's for a few years, but gave up on them.