Thursday, March 3, 2011

Down Heff's Rabbit Hole

I was on by beloved elliptical machine this morning and the Charlie Sheen Train Wreck update spewed forth the latest across my TV screen. Seems his 23 month old twin boys were yesterday removed from his home by authorities. But that's not really what this post is about. This post is about family. I thought about Charlie Train Wreck and his goddesses whom he calls his family.

I, like everyone else, likened the Charlie Sheen situation to the legendary Hugh Hefner and his family. They even joked about it in Charile's 20/20 interview. I then realized that Hef blazed that goddess trail years ago, and we can assume he did it somewhat drug free. Hef built an empire on goddesses and got married and had babies. He smoked cigars and slept with women and kept on making nudie magazines and money and no one slapped restraining orders on him, took his children or forced him into rehab.

He just went on being head of his family, living in his mansion. We even watched it on reality TV with the "Girls Next Door". Who doesn't really know who Kendra Wilkinson or Holly Madison is? All this and Hef kept his cool head. He lived and bedded the goddesses and nobody said a word. No media tirades, we are assuming no drug addictions, and no porn stars. Hef managed to make soft porn socially acceptable and in the process became a mogul. Doesn't this make him the original rock star?

And his family? Hef took care of his family. Who's to say what the definition of a family should be? Same gender, same race, 2 or 3 people, it makes no difference if it works for them, consenting adults. Put children and drugs in the mix and you've got a whole different story. When it comes to taking care of family and business, maybe Sheen should maybe take a page out of the Hugh Hefner Prime Of His Life Handbook. Yeah, and stop proclaiming his Adonis DNA and his F-16 Fighter status. He needs to fall down Hef's rabbit hole.

See the thing about Hef is like I always say, "Hef never thought he was better than anybody else, he just knew that nobody was better than him."


BeckEye said...

Addicted as I am to pop culture, I can't bring myself to give two shits about Charlie Sheen.

BamaTrav said...

Last I checked Heff only had a Bar and Grill(tm) and it is no longer in business.

Heff said...

Hey ! Let's leave my "rabbit hole" out of this !!!

I watched the Sheen interview on 20/20, and thought it was HILARIOUS.

I've never witnessed a person totally crucify themselves before.

Hugh Hefner - Intelligent

Charlie Sheen - IDIOT.

sybil law said...

I think Charlie Sheen is hysterical, personally. I honestly don't see how he's any worse of a parent to his kids than the rest of (most) of Hollywood, either. I mean, nannies take care of his kids, afterall (not the 2 little skanks living there).
Regardless - whatever. No one tops Heff.

The Dental Maven said...

Charlie Sheen is circling the drain and it's sad but predictable how this will all end.

Scope said...

Mr. Hefner has class.
Mr. Sheen does not.

'nuf said.

the walking man said...

*shrug* Neither one has made a difference in my life other than I learned I didn't like pipes and smoking jackets. And though probably not well advertised but I am willing to bet enough coke and weed went through the playboy mansion to fund enough years of rehab for Lindsay Lohan until she was drug free.

Cora said...

Remember Charlie Sheen in Ferris Bueller's Day Off when he played the drug addict in the police station? He was such a cute, sexy drug addict back then.

Awwww, sweet little leather-clad drug addict giving good life-changing advice to Ferris's sister. *le sigh*

Now? Uh, not so much.