Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Glee's Bringing Sexy Back

They're also bringing substitute teacher Holly Holiday, (Gwyneth Paltrow) back and that usually means some sort of sexy shake up. The sex-packed episode started out with a meeting of a three member Celibacy Club which consisted of Rachel; to help her get over Finn, Quinn; to also get over Finn and Emma to just get over it. She has her issues with sex.

In walks super sexy Holly, who Will Shuester is more than delighted to see, and she immediately clashes with prudish Emma over how the kids should be educated about sex. I'm thinking all the kids really needed to do is watch the scenes between Holly and Will and then just fill in the blanks. Damn, these two have some serious chemistry, and I'm glad to see Will back to his sexy self, and not the babbling fool chasing after a married Emma.

There seemed to be a lot going on here, as Santana and Brittney, "The Lesbian Years" takes center stage. Santana decides that Brittnay is the girl she really wants and tells her she misses her sweet lady kisses. Awkward. But this story line reveals a kinder, gentler Santana and her spot on clueless, target of her affection Brittnay. They decide to talk to Holly about their feelings. Holly told the girls they needed to be able to talk to each other and express their feelings or better yet sing a song about them! Holly and the girls performed the Stevie Knicks ballad "Landslide", and Santana's vulnerable side was on display for the glee club's consumption. I have to say, I think there is potential for this girl on girl relationship, as these characters develop into what could be a tender love story, but Brittnay's love for Artie stands in the way. Stay tuned.

Let's talk about Puck and Lauren. This is fast becoming my favorite Glee coupling. Lauren Zizes is brilliantly torturing sexy Puck by making him wait and want whatever it is she is selling. And it's working! Last night she decides that she wants fame, fortune a reality TV show and a fragrance and they way to get that fame is through a sex tape, a la Kim Kardashian and Pamela and Tommy Lee. Puck can hardly believe his good fortune, and all he can think about is "motor boating those twins". While plotting their cinematic triumph, they are approached by Holly who shares with them the fact that they are minors who could be arrested for child pornography if a sex tape were released. Talk about a buzz kill.

Then there's Blaine and Kurt. In their Dalton Academy hangout coffe shop, Sue shows up with some Regionals info. She tells the boys that McKinnley is hitting the sex factor for Regionals and Kurt and Blaine decide to up the Warbler's sexy stakes. Not very convincingly. Blaine compares Kurt's attempts at "sexy" as looking like he has gas pains. Blaine decides to tell Kurt's dad Burt that Kurt needs Sex Ed stat! In a wonderful moment for TV, Burt awkwardly but lovingly, has "the talk" with Kurt and tells him he matters. Great TV right there.

The Celibacy Club, complete with new member Noah Puckerman, decide to perform for the Glee Club , "Afternoon Delight" with an under utilized John Stamos at the drums. When Holly discovers that Emma thinks an afternoon delight is a dessert, she agrees to meet with Emma and Carl to discuss their sexual issues. (Cuz Holly's a sex therapist who teaches Spanish and algebra??) We then learn that Carl and Emma have yet to consummate their marriage. Holly drops the big bomb when she asks Emma, "Do you still have feelings for Will Schuster?" Emma can only reply that her feelings are complicated, sending Carl to a hotel.

The episode ends with Holly and Shue saying goodbye and the sexual tension here is so thick you can feel it. Then it happens...Holly gives in and tells Will, "I know a lot about sex but maybe it's time I learn about romance." Shuster has the line of the night, as he grasps Holly, and Rhett Butler-esquely dips her, then whispers to her before kissing her, "I am an excellent educator."

Steaming hot! and now I gotta go take a cold shower.


the walking man said...

All I have to say is I agree with HEFF if he was here to say it for himself.

Jim said...

Pretty damn hot for an 8 PM show. Gwynn's toned thighs looked magical in that short skirt number she first appeared in. Maybe I'm a "leg man" after all . . .

In any event, it was pretty obvious from early on that this wasn't an episode that I could watch with my 12-yr-old daughter. Not ready for "the talk" yet.


Thomas (Tom) Rimington said...

Last night's episode is one of the reasons I got hooked on this show... For a 55yo gay man with 4 grown kids, it takes some great writing/directing and acting to get me hooked on anything!

Thanks for the recap, I plan on re-watching, as I was cooking while is was on and my "hubby" is not a "gleek" like me!

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hooray, your writings on theater and writing much missed!