Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Advertising Is Childs Play

Cute, funny and precocious, kids are advertising gold for businesses. Let's take the latest media blitz of kiddie commercials. Fast food giant Subway sandwich shops leads the pack with this hilarious look at young love.

And this which illustrates that rite of passage at the elementary school cafeteria; the trade.

The E Trade baby continues to give us laughs and brand recognition whenever we see the baby spokesman appear ready to do his shtick. The E Trade baby has major water cooler mojo in business circles.

Kids are advertising pay dirt plain and simple. We, the consumers, love it because it makes a funny reality out of the absurd. And much like the old advertising catchphrase from Merrill Lynch, "When the E Trade baby talks, people listen."


Joker_SATX said...

It's scary to me, that we have to be entertained during commercials. I wonder if these commercials really work.

I guess they must as we as adults are regressing where our form of entertainment has gone back to cartoons such as South Park and Family Guy.

sybil law said...

Yep - kids are a sure thing, both in the marketing with and marketing to - it's time we really started giving a crap about kids in this country, though, as more then mere tools for money.

That totally sounded like a spammer. Sorry! :)

the walking man said...

Thank God for light, it's speed and remote controls.