Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can We Blame Joe Biden For A Bad Chem Grade?

So we got in super late last night from DC and the reason we got in late was because our Vice President, Joe Biden, was hogging up all the air space between Boston and Wahington DC.

Of course, they kept telling us the reason our flight was delayed 3 plus hours was because of poor visibility, but a quick call home confirmed the fact that the weather had cleared up much earlier in the day. I only found out the truth from our flight attendant once we got on the plane and were delayed in the runway for the 5th time running.

Frick LOVED Washington and the college tour, and we did the memorials too, so I can't complain too much. Over all it was a great trip! A huge highlight for me was that I got to meet my blogger friend Jim in between college tours. It was so great to finally put a face to the name and we so enjoyed the all too brief time we spent with him.

The bummer was that Frick had this huge Chem project to finish and it was one of those diagramy thingies that we needed to PAINT....Needless to say we were up all night painting Styrofoam balls and now she is cramming to finish it.

Thanks a lot Joe. I'm writing to your office if Frick gets a bad grade. Not kidding.

Lucky for you Frick is an EXCELLENT student because I wouldn't want to face the wrath of her mother....


Jim said...

I think the only things we never go to, on your to-do list, were getting half-smokes at Ben's Chili Bowl, and stopping by Scott Brown's office to lobby for Tom Brady's birthday as a Federal holiday.

Far and away the best "important lunch meeting" I've ever had. Let me know when you've got a box of whoopie pies to trade for DC cupcakes.


sybil law said...

DC is beautiful - I'm hoping to take a trip there soon, myself. Glad you had a good time - and I'm sure Frick will get an excellent grade!

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

The Veep gets security? Who knew?

That's some pretty "low expectations" stuff for a potential assassin, don't you think? "Okay, if you don't give me ten million dollars, I'm gonna kill the vice president! I mean, once I find out who he is..."

Good luck with the science stuff.

I'm not even going to comment on the Tom Brady's Birthday thing. That's beyond loony.

Scope said...

Glad your tour went well, and you got some sight seeing in, too.

Our 8th grader will be taking a class trip to DC in about a month, and boy is her mom JEALOUS!

And was Mr. Biden in a hot air balloon or what? Why was he just hanging out in the airspace for hours and hours and hours?

the walking man said...

Kick him in the ass anyway and tell him to pass it up the chain of command.