Thursday, November 4, 2010

She Got It Bad

I'm so screwed.

Frick's got the love bug and she's got it bad.

The guy? We'll call him Hairball, and this ain't our first time on the merry-go-round with him.
No, Frick's been pining for him since sixth grade, when they briefly dated and he broke her heart. Now a high school junior, there has been no one since then and there really never was. It was always Hairball for Frick. Secretly, quietly, she would pine for him, all the while claiming they were "just friends". But I knew better. A mother always knows.

Last year, in the last half of the school year, Frick finally got her man. And I was so happy for her. She was so happy too, and bitchy and all of that stuff that comes along with your first real love. They fought a bit. Frick got accused of being a "flirt" because, get this, she was talking to another boy on Facebook. The other boy happened to be really cute and made it known he was hot for Frick. And oh yeah, he had a girlfriend too. Meanwhile it was completely harmless. High school drama. Hairball had a complete meltdown and his friends, (because they gotta be all up in each other's business) were all over him, telling him that Frick was messing with his mind.

I was BALLISTIC. Frick was convinced that she was wrong. The relationship took a hit because of that, and SHE regretted responding to the other kid on Facebook. I practically pulled all of my hair out of my head in complete frustration, trying to get her to understand that she did nothing wrong. NOTHING. I mean if a sixteen year-old-girl can't write someting in response to someone who wrote on her wall, what is this world coming to? I told her she's SUPPOSED to be doing those things. But I see how things got blown out of whack.. Peer pressure's a bitch, and teens hardly have any defense against it.

Anyway, they made it through that time only to break up for the summer, as Frick was headed off to Europe for most of it. They decided that they could possibly rekindle the flame when school started. But that didn't happen. They sort of danced around each other for a while, then started talking again. Hairball kind of started messing with Frick's mind and she needed answers. This went on for almost two months then 2 weeks ago, Frick gives him the hammer. Either tell me it's over or tell me otherwise, but don't lead me on anymore. He drops the, "I'm over you" thing and Frick is reduced to jello. The hard part was that at the same time, Frick and her bestest girl friend had a falling out over her bestest girl friend's boy friend. DRAMA...Needless to say, Frick mourned for a few days and then picked up the pieces of her multi-faceted life.

Then this past weekend comes and what happens?? Hairball decides he can't live without Frick and begins a furious attack to spend some time with her. He IM's her, BBM's her, he even calls her, and when they resort to the phone they are desperate. She had plans with her friends and we convinced her that blowing off your friends for a guy is just dirty pool to which she agreed. So she told him no can do, which only made him want her more. They somehow managed to meet up every night, while she was with her friends and work it out. He even picked her up and took her to lunch on Sunday afternoon. And he paid!

I told her, "Frick, if this is what you want, I'm happy for you. But you go into this with eyes wide open."

Her eyes are wide open alright. It's her feet that have not touched the ground...

I'm so screwed.


SkylersDad said...

I can't imagine trying to navigate the dating world these days with all of the instant communication out there. I had a hard enough time when I had a couple hours to try and plan what to say before calling on the phone!

the walking man said...

You do know that teenagers are proof that in our distant past Aliens descended from outer space and co-mingled their DNA with humans.

The alien phenomena ends at about 22 and they revert back to being human. Most of them anyway.

ocdbloggergirl said...

Poor thing. I hope she wises up soon and breaks it off for good.

sybil law said...

Unfortunately, they have to learn like the rest of us.
I dread this stuff that's coming in my future!!
Regardless - she has YOU for an example, and you seem to get all sides of it, which is nice to hear. So many parents only see their own kids' point of view, which is great, but not realistic.
I think Frick is smart enough to tell that hosebag to get lost if he starts his crap again.

The Dental Maven said...

Oh man. I am so not looking forward to the dating age for my son. The Mave can't do Drama with a straight face. There's probably not enough Chardonnay in California to get me through this...

The Vegetable Assassin said...

Unfortunately she's sixteen meaning, you can never REALLY get through to her because being sixteen will win out every time. I guess we all do have to make our own mistakes, terrible though it is to watch. I hope she comes out victorious or at least unscathed! I'd hate to be 16 again. Really. :)

PS the word veri is: upermeds
HAHA! Is that a suggestion?

Heff said...

You just can't fight a hairball, lol.

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

There's just no way to avoid the drama of teens. And if she's looking for a teenage guy who isn't going to get retardedly (like that?) jealous, you might as well sign her up at the convent right now.

You're so screwed.

Scope said...

My step-daughter just turned 14.

Thank goodness she's not into boys yet. I totally dread the drama. I'm hoping my empathy overcomes my sarcastic nature.

Joanie M said...

I dated a hairball for 5 years, until he fell for his boss's daughter. Funny, I got over that one fairly quickly!

I sure hope Frick sees the light soon!

Furtheron said...

Kill Facebook - it is the cause of more angst in my daughters life!!!

~E said...

Just tell her what I told myself (and tell myself still). That boys are stupid and clueless until they become men. Which could be at 25 or never really know. Until then, just assume they are stupid and clueless and you'll probably be right.