Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy ThanksGLiving

Bullets for a Thanksgiving edition of the Daily Dandy and not all Glee......spread around just like side dishes on your plate.
  • So here's what you missed on Glee.....Glee clubbers at McKinnley tackled some seriously relevant and topical teen issues last night. Bullying and gay bashing were addressed in McKinnley school principal Sue Sylvester's office, where she took a staunch "no tolerance" policy and expelled the bullying student. But not before she bashed gay student Kurt by calling him "Lady". After Kurt protested, she softened her gay bashing by dubbing him with a more tame, "Porcelain".

  • Kurt's dad and Finn's mom got married and the glee club was the band. A righteous ceremony production ensued and Finn serenaded his family and new brother Glee style, with "Just The Way You Are." Everybody danced and a few tears of joy were shed.

  • I bet you though I was gonna say that "Just The Way You Are" was my download pick of the night, but you are wrong. Did you see Mr. Shue doing his Buble impression during "Sway with Me?" Dead sexy...I'm downloading that one pronto.

  • Baby won the Silver Ball trophy. Dancing With The Stars newly crowned champion, Jennifer Grey took home the coveted prize and nobody shot out their TV and held a standoff with police!!

  • I'm not cooking tomorrow and I'm not happy about it. My family will be celebrating at a club. The nice thing is that we will all be together and no one has to do any dishes, but Thanskgiving is about being at HOME with your family and unbuttoning your belt buckle just a tad while putting your feet up on the couch. My kids are pissed, so I bought a turkey and I will cook it tonite so we can have leftovers. Besides, My Tommy is playing tomorrow and I'd rather be in front of the TV instead of in front of the stove. For that, I am thankful.

  • Come to think of it, there are so many things and reasons I am thankful this year. What are you thankful for?

  • I'm also thankful to be part of this blogger community. I wish you and all of yours a healthy, happy and safe Thanksgiving.



Heff said...

Funny you should mention "ThanksGLiving", because Jayne Lynch DOES look alot like a Turkey in the face, and from what I understand, she IS a Gobbler.

(God, I KILL ME !!!)

Have a Gleeful Turkey Day, Candy !

The Dental Maven said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Girl!! The Mave is very thankful to be spending the day, at home with her peeps. The one day of the year that we don't leave the house! Yay!!

sybil law said...

I'm not cooking, either - but I never do. My mom isn't even close to handing that tradition over, yet. I'm thanksful because I've never cooked a bird before. Like, a full bird.

Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!

the walking man said...

What am I thankful for? Shit I woke up this morning, that's enough for now.

So now HEFF is watching Glee? Jaysus i am not thankful that one of my heroes of the internet has gone over to the other side.

Elenka said...

Happy, happy Thanksgiving to you, too.I don't cook a turkey either, and because of that fact, and because hubby likes leftovers and I like him, I end up cooking a turkey a few days later. Stupid if you ask me, but nobody did.

Cora said...

My daughter was a tad disappointed that our (very first) Illinois Thanksgiving this year didn't include chocolate cream pie like it typically did back in Seattle.


So, Scope and I surprised her with chocolate cream pie after dinner tonight. I think she sucked all the air out of the whole dang house with that mammoth gasp she did when she saw the pie! Hee hee hee. Maybe it wasn't on Thanksgiving day, but that moment will undoubtedly be one of my favorites from this year's Thanksgiving, for sure. :-)

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