Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bieste's Boys

Ok, so she's no Giselle.

In fact, she's not very feminine at all. But I would have say that when the Glee club's boys told Coach Bieste that she's pretty, I agreed with them. I think I'm lucky because I can see beauty in almost anything, and last night I saw Coach Bieste (Dot Jones) for her beauty. That was, of course, after her character gained my sympathy. I couldn't believe Mr. Shuester told her that the Glee Club boys were using a lingerie clad mental image of the coach to "cool off" their amorous advances to their girlfriends who won't "put out". There's a time to lie and a time to not lie, and this was most certainly a lie situation.

Then he had the nads to tell her not to take it personally. But, this is Hollywood and Glee is the brain child of a bunch of Hollywood writers, and they of course tried to make it all better by cheeze-ily having Shue give Bieste her first kiss. Cheeze.

Anyway, lets talk about the Glee club's new competition for sectionals, Dalton Academy. Hello to Blaine (Darren Chriss) who meets Kurt in the hallway of the all boys school. (Kurt is being bullied by a football Neanderthal and does not feel "challenged" at McKinnley) Dreamy Blaine explains to Kurt that the Glee Club at Dalton are like rock stars and he takes Kurt by the hand to an impromptu performance of "Teenage Dreams" where dreamy Blaine sings lead. The actual singing of "Teenage Dreams" was recorded in August and are really the voices of acapella sensations "The Beelzebubs" from Tufts University in Medford, MA. Hell ya! This coming from a mom of an Acapella group member.

Back to Blaine, who is absolutely dreamy and GAY, much to Kurt's pleasure. He tells Kurt not to run from his troubles but to stand up and have courage as the only out of the closet gay kid at McKinnley. Kurt finally has the courage to confront the bully who daily slams him into his locker, and WOW, the jock ends up kissing Kurt on the lips!!! I did NOT see that one coming at all. I'm not quite sure what happened next because it took me a second to re-group, but we find out that Kurt has never been kissed before that.

Puck is back from juvie, and he and Artie, who I think has the best male voice on the show, sing a sick rendition of Bob Marley's, "One Love" which is my download pick of the week. They form a strange partnership that revolves around community service and chicks and scheme to get Brittney and Santana to go out with them. Puck's probation officer does not find Puck's idea of community service appropriate and threatens to send him back to juvie if he does not comply. Artie tell him he's going to tutor Puck in Geometry if Puck will tutor Artie in chicks. Please don't send Puck away again. Thanks. Glee is much better with him.

The girls of Glee put on a smokin' hot mash-up of two of my faves, "Living on a Prayer" and "Start me Up", by two of my favorite rock and roll bands, and the costuming is seriously HOT! The boys dedicate their mash-up performance of "Stop in the Name of Love" and "Free Your Mind", to Bieste, who they serenade, all handsome in their vintage inspired jackets and ties. Bieste accept their apology somewhat by telling the boys she really liked the performance and the episode ends in a big Bieste group hug.

Last night's episode was weak at best, and that's partially because there were not enough musical numbers for my liking. I'm liking the new Dalton Academy boy's Glee Club though. More of Blaine, please and thank you.


Heff said...

She's NO Candy, that's for damn sure, but if I ever need a load of pulp-wood hauled by hand, I'LL GIVE HER A CALL !

sybil law said...

Hahahaha Heff...

Since I still don't watch Glee, I say that all your opinions are spot on!

B.E. Earl said...

I always cringe whenever they cast an actor who a delicate flower, and then they make the storyline about exactly how unappealing they are.

Like the casting agent gets a hold of an actor and says "We are looking for someone who could break a mirror with their'd be perfect!"

So odd.

Jim said...

I want to be a Warbler . . . and you can put your hands on me in my skin-tight jeans, lol.

Damn, I had to think of the Beast myself, pulling at her pants like Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon, after seeing Quinn making out.

Seriously, are they trying to save money on wardrobe for this show, or something, or do they really intend to torture men with this young woman in a cheerleader outfit for years?


Anonymous said...

OMG, Candy. I am Soooo far behind on my Gleepisodes since the move to NYC. I think I've only seen part of one episode this entire season.

We're still unpacking from the move, and TV is so far from my mind right now. Not to mention the movers broke a 50" plasma in the move. Hex and curses to them all...but it's insured.

I finally cranked out a blog post after nearly two weeks. Stop by and see me sometime on my blog pad...and if you're in NYC next, drop me a line. I'd love to meet for drank.

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

You know I luvs ya, Candy, but all I got out of this was:

Blah blah blah Glee blah blah gay blah blay Glee blay gay.

Nothing personal.

Thomas (Tom) Rimington said...

Ok, I missed this week's "Glee-pisode", now I must crank up the DVR... Glad I ran across your blog from "the mad-texter's" link...

I'll beeee Baaack!

the walking man said...

This is Heffs time of the week to speak for me.

the walking man said...

Candace I corrected the lack of video

BeckEye said...

I thought the episode was OK, made better by wisely cutting out Rachel's near-constant annoying chatter.

My issue was with the jock being a closeted repressed homosexual. I saw that coming a mile away and it's all just a little too easy. It's such a cliche that the guys who scream the most about hating gays are probably at least a little gay themselves. While that is sometimes the case, more often than not, they just ARE neanderthals who can't accept anyone different from them and take every opportunity to make sure everyone knows how they feel.