Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Scenes From A Bonfire

Today's post is a re-post from Oct 31, 2008. The scene that plays out here really happened in my backyard. Guest 2 is a good friend and Guest 1 was her, at the time, new boyfriend. I post this in honor of the couple, now married, who will welcome their new born daughter at some time today. Congrats to Mr and Mrs Fabulous! Looks like your fire for each other has never gone out.


Male HOST sits at a backyard bonfire on a crisp autum night with his two guests.

GUEST 1 and GUEST 2 are young people in a committed relationship.

GUEST 1 is a male and GUEST 2 is a female. GUEST 2 is making smores over the CRACKLING fire, the marshmallow still melting amongst the flames.

HOST: Tonight marks the first time I have allowed my 12 year old son to go trick-or-treating with a group of his friends without parental supervision.

GUEST 1: (Leaning into GUEST 2) Man, when I was 12 on Halloween, I remember getting my first kiss with Debbie Simpson in the back of my best friends garage. Yeah, that's what I was doing at 12 without my parent's supervision.

GUEST 2: (Looking straight into GUEST 1's eyes) Debbie Simpson? That's the name of the first girl I ever kissed too!

Momentary SILENCE as GUEST 1 and GUEST 2, intensley hold each other's stares.

Robust LAUGHTER ensues.


the walking man said...

That's a beauty of a story and a hell of an outcome!

Scott Oglesby said...

The moral of the story; don’t give your heart to Debbie Simpson. The little whore will break it! Right?

Scope said...

I went to camp with a girl named "Bebbie Simpson"...

No, not really. But that would have been funny.

Love the Katy Perry-ness of it all.

SkylersDad said...

I'm with Scott. Debbie is a little slut who will rip your heart out!

sybil law said...

Debbie really got around!

The Dental Maven said...

Dirty little Debbie.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I got a handy off of Debbie. He should have stuck around behind that tool shed for a little more time.