Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Funny

Overheard from my Big Brown Teamster making deliveries at my store yesterday:

"What kind of stories do Teamsters read to their kids at night?
Bedtime and a HALF stories."

Happy weekend and a half, bloggers.


Heff said...

Ha ! Funny.

But that kid is OBVIOUSLY not wearing the OFFICIAL UPS uniform.

UPS makes 'em wear those ridiculous brown SHORTS even in the dead of winter !

sybil law said...

Have a great weekend, Candy!!

the walking man said...

I wouldv'e thought they told them ghost of Jimmy Hoffa Sr. Stories just to scare them/

Nick said...

Hope the Teamsters approved of this ... you may never got another delivery

Scott Oglesby said...

Oh I miss the Teamsters. When I worked for the PA Turnpike, I got paid double time and a half for 13 holidays a year….and here’s the best part…. we got paid for them if we worked or not. Double time and a half!

Cora said...

Oh God, what a CUTE picture!!!!