Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pissed And Proud

Maybe my brother was right about the alpha male thing after all because today, I'm pissed.

Somebody really pissed me off on Monday and would you believe I'm still stewing about it? The problem is, I am holding back what I would really like to say and do because I have signed a contract and paid this person a large sum of money to provide a service for me, so I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. At issue; money, of course.
I don't care for the way this person handles business and it has been a sticking point between us for quite some time. I thought I'd made myself clear, when I entered into this contract, I would be sticking to my plan, considering it was my money. This person agreed to stay on plan, then took my money and since has done nothing but butt heads with me and belittle me for working to stick to my plan.

But the real breaking point was on Monday. That person made a grave error. The crime committed was one my mother would describe as fatal. My mom would always say, "Don't ever make the mistake of taking my kindness for stupidity."
And that's exactly what happened.
Unfortunately for me, once you have gotten me to that point, there's no going back. You're dead to me, fired, I'll cut you off like a sales tag on a new pair of shoes, gone. And I'm at that point. How am I going to work with this person now?

Since the choice I have is to fore fit the money already paid or shut my mouth and continue on, I am taking my own advice and deleting the emotion from the equation. Now I'm running the show in a very professional and bottom line way and all of my dealings with this person will be of delegation and no negotiation. I will, however, make it quite clear there will be a zero tolerance policy in place for any opinions said person is to offer. I'm simply not interested. And I'm not sure it's gong to work out for me, anyway. I'm not sure I can continue to work with this person.

I have 10 days to decide.

Either way, it has been an expensive lesson.


wigsf said...

Emotion does more harm than good. Be emotionless, be Vulcan and you shall live long and prosper. Of course, that means mating only once every seven years. For some, that means much less mating, but for others, much much more.

Heff said...

If you're ACTUALLY able to remove emotion from the equation, YOU ARE MALE, ....either that, or the most "together" woman I've ever witnessed handle a difficult situation.

RW said...

Hopefully the contract has an ending date when it needs to be renewed?

Maybe their behavior broke a condition of the contract?

Without more info it's hard to say. but if the contract has a renewal date, I'm sure I know what you're a'gonna do.

Anonymous said...

dont do and then tell them why you wont do it....

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

Take your own advice, become the emotionless bitch.

If you need lessons, I can direct you to one of several experts in that area.

Joker_SATX said...

Loss is sometimes very liberating. I think you are in a position of strength. Since you know the money is gone, anything you can get out of this is a bonus.

I say, call that person out regarding his or her lack of business professionalism and do not hold back to tell them that not only are you never going to use them again but that you will put every resource you have available to you to let the world know what type of business person this is.......

I think at the very least it will make you feel better and somewhat justify the expense of their stupidity.

Good luck to you!

Scott Oglesby said...

I wish I knew more details to try to help you decide what course of action to take. You do have to keep the emotion out of it (which is almost impossible for me being a Pisces and all) as much as possible. Always ask yourself, “What would Vito Corleone do?” and then proceed with care.

Shana said...

Good lessons are always expensive in some way!!
Good for you for sticking with what YOU want!